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Flooring, Staircase Design

  1. The Cuboid Doormat

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ID:	10120Doormats aren't the most inspirational of household purchases.

    Whereas the quest for a great interior rug involves carefully considering several details - size, material, design, durability and so on - shopping for a doormat essentially means asking yourself two questions: Is it not totally hideous? Can I wipe my feet on it?

    OK, there may be a couple more considerations: price and design and whether the doormat is emblazoned with some cutesy/snarky ...
  2. OlmO ! Spiral staircase by Jo-a

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    A staircase, a sculpture or a clever storage system ? What if it were all three at once ? The reactions are unanimous : once you have seen this spiral staircase, all you can say is “Wow !” Hanging from a steel casket integrated into your ceiling, an assembly of hardwood storage blocks descends in a spiral to the lower level to form a staircase.

    The structure that is formed by the stacked wooden cases creates a frame that is surprisingly rigid ...