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  1. How can I improve my laundry process?

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    Whether you're digging out from winter, converting to warmer weather clothing or planning spring cleaning, you may be doing quite a bit of laundry soon. And while you may have a tried-and-true method for your laundry room workflow, consider these tips and hacks to improve your process and make your clothes cleaner and fresher!

    A place for everything: Use bins and baskets to keep each item in its designated area. This really comes in handy if you have ...
  2. 6 ways to prep for a home wedding

    Hosting your wedding at home whether it's your own home or that of a family member or friend is an appealing option. Not only does it cut down on costs, but it also allows for a truly personalized event and an intimate gathering for guests. Of course, this kind of wedding requires some significant prep work on the home front. And the more consideration you give to things like home repairs and extra bathrooms, the less stressful your planning will be. Here are some ways to prepare your house ...
  3. How can I rid my home of sickness-causing germs?

    In the cold and flu season, it's more important than ever to minimize germs that could make you and your family sick. Focus on these steps when you're housecleaning in order to eliminate the nasty bugs taking refuge in your home.


    You'll find germs in the most unexpected places. When cleaning, focus on the elements you touch most often. Light switches, doorknobs, remote controls and faucet handles all harbor lots of germs, so clean them carefully ...
  4. Preventing a grease-clogged sink

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    Do not pour cooking oil or other greasy materials down the kitchen sink.

    What happens if you pour grease down the kitchen sink?

    Vegetable oil and animal fats used in cooking may be liquid after use, but they can harden inside pipes. And depending on how your waste lines are piped, a blockage may back up not only the kitchen drain, but also adjacent laundry or bath lines.

    While you may be able to unclog ...