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  1. Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects

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    London based Platform 5 Architects have designed a Shoffice.

    Shoffice (shed + office) is a garden pavilion containing a small office alongside garden storage space. Located to the rear of a 1950's terraced house in St John’s Wood, the brief required the shoffice to be conceived of as a sculptural organically object that flowed into the garden space.

    The glazed office space nestles into an extruded timber elliptical shell, reminiscent ...
  2. How to shop for a desk

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ID:	10182They can be hosts to benign - or unpleasant - tasks.

    But a desk can be one of the most important purchases in a home.

    Design experts say that, far from being an afterthought once main rooms are furnished, a desk and its surrounding atmosphere warrant careful planning.

    If you don't feel compelled to be in that space, you're not going to use it. It's going to make you better at everything else if your workspace feels comfortable to ...
  3. Top tips on office furniture layout

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    There are few things that one should consider before choosing your office furniture. This room, whether at work or at home, needs to be functional/practical and comfortable.

    • Firstly, consider the function of the space. Will it be used for working or studying; will the activities involve writing or working on a PC; is there a need for a large surface area for drawing or graphics; or should the area have enough space
  4. L'Orchidée project by Marc Fish

    The piece, L'Orchidée, pulls influence from La Marorelle's desk of the same name displayed in the Musee d' Orsay in Paris, France. Marc Fish's piece, like Marorelle at the time, uses some groundbreaking techniques utilising design research and experimentation, it's design and construction features meticulous refinement – not least the seamless tambour roll top.

    The tambour roll top appears to be a solid piece of wood however it is veneered canvas layered upon strips ...
  5. The Pipe Organ Desk

    It is quite likely this is the coolest desk in the world!

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    The Pipe Organ Desk has been in the works for more than 3 years. It is entirely made from solid wood down to the last screw. It features an octave of functional wooden organ pipes. Should you play the correct sequence of notes or tune, a secret compartment opens up.

    When you push in a drawer on the desk the air is directed to one ...