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  1. Comfortable chairs for the Comfort Seeking

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    Meet the Odu by Confused Direction

    It's all about taking comfort to new levels. You only need to take one look at this chair to instantly appreciate how comfortable it looks and probably is.

    The Odu Chair is a comfortable seat that will let you either sit in it in an upright position or lay down in it by simply tilting the seat over.

    Odu means "cave" in Hungarian, so we're basically looking at a comfy ...
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    Living Room
  2. Teak Garden Furniture

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    Most people enjoy spending time outside during the warm months of the year. Those who have backyards will want to invest in some garden furniture where they and their friends will be able to sit and relax, sip on some lemonade and enjoy a burger right off the grill.

    However, choosing the right furniture is important. One of the best options on the market today is teak furniture. It's a beautiful wood and you can find many different styles and options ...
  3. Garden Furniture Fashion Fun

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    But where's the sun ?

    With summer firmly on its way, now would seem like as good a time as any to push this product out there.

    I'll say right now that we love it, not only is it nice to look at but it's also extremely practical and versatile. In fact it's brilliant and ingenious.

    I've used the word ingenious for a particular reason, it makes me feel very clever and it also means original, creative, inventive and nifty. ...
  4. Designer Living Room Furniture

    Now in all fairness I suspect that most people over the age of 40 would rather steer away from the idea of kitting their home out with anything designer, let alone, designer living room furniture. After all the general perception is that the living room is for relaxing in so its needs to be comfortable. I don't know about you, but when I hear the word "designer" I automatically think about something plastic and I have to be honest this something plastic in my mind is about as ...
    Living Room
  5. Stylish Bohémien Bed from Cinova Busnelli

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    Create some classical romance in the bedroom with this beautiful Bohemian bed from Cinova Busnelli.

    As you can see from the images, this magnificently designed piece of furniture features an embellished, handmade tufted headboard. This stylish bed design brings soft and sensual atmosphere to any space that it occupies.

    Apart from the fact that it looks incredibly comfortable to sleep in, the bed is presented in elegant design. ...