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  1. The facts about wicker furniture

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    Wicker furniture has long been known as a versatile, relatively inexpensive design option. But todayís wicker is taking its image one giant step further with gorgeous, contemporary, even hard-edged styling. If you think wicker is just for chintzy cottages or student apartments furnished on the cheap, itís time to take another look. Here are the facts, good and bad, on wicker furniture.

    Wicker is not actually a type of material but rather the ...
  2. What renovations add value to my home?

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    First: Have you kept up with maintenance and repairs? If not, that's probably the best place to spend your home improvement dollars. Better to invest in things you need - like roof work or updating a worn or outdated electrical system - than to add a sunroom or outdoor kitchen. If you need help prioritizing maintenance work, consider the services of a reputable local handyman, contractor or home inspector.

    But let's hope your home's in good shape and ...
  3. Reduce costly false alarms with your security system

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    The occasional security system false alarm may seem like a minor homeowner hassle, but it's actually a nationwide problem you can help solve.

    More than 90 percent of alarm activations that trigger a police response are false alarms activated by user error, pet movement, poorly maintained equipment or other causes that don't involve criminal activity or danger.

    All that crying wolf wastes about $2 billion in police resources, and lengthens ...
  4. Shutters should improve house's appearance, not detract from it

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    Glass and screens have eliminated the practical need for shutters, but they're still popular for decoration. They add another layer of thoughtful detailing to a house,.
    But to get the right look, you still have to consider function when choosing and hanging shutters.

    Beauty in architecture, as with many objects, often stems from seeing a detail that illustrates its purpose.

    A pair of shutters can cost anywhere from $100 to more than ...
  5. Benefits of basement Waterproofing

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    First we need to know briefly about waterproofing. It is a process of formation of an impermeable obstruction in the path of water so as to protect given structure, thing or even a building from the harmful effects of water and the moisture. Such a barrier helps in prevention of entry of water into various sections or parts of a building.

    Waterproofing is quite essential for the basement of any building to ensure its safety in all respects. ...
  6. Benefits of Double Glazing in Amersham

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    Double Gazing refers to the use of double glass panes for the windows and the doors so as to enhance their efficiency. In this process, the windows are fitted in such a way, that a double pane and a centralized frame is used in order to open and close the windows so that these may allow maximum air circulation when these are opened. At the same time, these windows offer maximum security, energy conservation and prevention of noise pollution when these are closed. ...