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  1. Regretting your DIY home project? You’re not alone

    Feeling handy in 2019? Pick your project carefully, and do your homework.

    If you've ever attempted a DIY project at home, only to be disappointed by the results, you've got lots of company. That's the takeaway from a survey by, which recently queried 2,000 Americans about their DIY experiences.

    From sloppy paint jobs to crooked tile, almost two-thirds of homeowners say they regret tackling at least one DIY project. And one-third has called in a pro to ...
  2. Shop your house

    A popular and underused term in interior design is redesign. Instead of purchasing new items, repurpose and reimagine spaces using items that can be found right down the hall. Redesign essentially involves shopping your house. So where do you begin? Here are some tips to help get you started.

    1. Conduct an inventory audit. Often treasures can be found in closets and attics, those items you purchased years ago and forgot you still owned.

    2. Have an action plan. To create ...
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  3. A guide to sourcing quality wood furniture

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    Investing in quality wood furniture can sometimes seem like a daunting task. I often find welcoming new pieces into my home feels a bit like dating and marriage. There's the initial excitement of finding the perfect piece that ties a room together, the comfortable years where it seems to almost blend into the background, and finally the love and appreciation that only comes with time – along with a few dings and scratches.

    In this season of life, ...
  4. How can I prepare my basement for spring?

    With the recent polar vortex sweeping through much of the nation, spring might not be on your mind, but it's not far off. And spring presents a serious challenge to your basement. Before the rainy season starts, give your basement a checkup and prepare for the season to come.

    February is an excellent time to plan ahead for future basement waterproofing and schedule work before problems develop.


    Your exterior maintenance plays a big role ...