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  1. Top Places to Celebrate Winter Holidays

    Winter holidays are just around the corner and if you havenít started planning the celebrations, start now. The magic is almost here, the snow is already present in some parts of the world and soon enough youíll have some days off to celebrate Christmas, New Yearís Eve and whatever winter holidays some countries have. Letís see where you could spend these wonderful moments with your loved ones.

    Comfort of your own home

    You probably didnít think that this would be on the ...
  2. Things that your basement waterproofing contractor isnít telling you

    Whenever you want the job done, you would have expectations that your contractor must meet. You are not an expert in this field and therefore there are many things you may not be able to decipher. A professional basement waterproof contractor knows plenty of things you may not know about and most of these things could frustrate you once the work has begun. Delays here and there, overheads, inability to do some work and such.

    Here are the list of some things a contractor would not inform ...
  3. How to save money and keep your house warm this winter

    As winter approaches, you may be dreading the increased energy bills that come along with the need for heat. But you can follow some tips to keep your house warm and save energy at the same time.


    Some of the most effective methods for warming up your house are the simplest. For example, open your blinds in the morning to let in both light and heat during winter. Close them at night to prevent a chill from cold windows. Switch your ceiling fan so ...
  4. How can I stay safe when decorating for the holidays?

    Once the extended family boards their flights and all the cooking equipment gets put away after Thanksgiving, it's time to turn your thoughts to holiday decorating. But while you're decking the halls and making merry, take steps to ensure safety for yourself and your family.


    According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, decorating mishaps send nearly 15,000 people to the emergency room each year.

    Almost half of those ER visits ...
  5. This is How Windows Can Influence your Home Decor

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	sasdasdasd.jpg 
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ID:	11064Windows are often neglected in home dťcor. However, they play a significant role in not just its functionality but also aesthetics.

    Apart from the great view outside window, you can also benefit from its various designs, bringing a lot of variety to your homeís visual appeal.

    There are many ways to brighten up your interiors with the help of windows.

    In this article, we will highlight the ways your windows can impact the
  6. 7 Tips For Easy Home Improvement

    Whether you are a fan of the DIY route or you like working with professionals (in some projects, that is), you need a roadmap of sorts if you want to do things efficiently.
    Here are seven easy tips to get you started on home improvement efforts.

    1.Install ...
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