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  1. What goes into an air conditioning inspection?

    Your heating and air conditioning system is one of the most vital systems of your home, delivering and removing warm or cool air from every room and maintaining humidity levels. It also includes a great many moving parts and complex elements. This means it needs to be checked regularly to avoid a small problem escalating into a big one, or a catastrophic one.

    Experts agree that you should have a qualified pro check your HVAC system twice a year: in spring and fall. The change of seasons ...
  2. Organic Farming bane for Agriculture

    Chemical Substance or any material of neutral or synthetic origin is referred to as fertilizers. It contains the byproduct of naturally occurring plants or animal-based material, which can be classified as animal manure and composted organic material.

    Fertilizers can be classified into different types, which conclude Inorganic Fertilizers and Organic Fertilizers:
    Inorganic fertilizers contain nutrient elements for the growth of crops, and these fertilizers are made by chemical ...
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  3. Maintain your home’s health through the years

    When it comes to home-improvement projects on your house that’s coming of age, there’s no denying that your roof, windows, and air conditioning and heating units might be getting moody, temperamental or give you the silent treatment altogether.

    As your home ages, it will require more upkeep and improvements. It’s especially important to stay on top of some of the more potentially troublesome elements of your home — ones that can cause you massive headaches and put a huge dent in your ...
  4. 8 tips for safely performing furnace, fireplace inspections

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ID:	11411Here are eight top safety tips and suggestions for performing your own furnace and fireplace inspections.

    1. If the fossil-fueled furnace is more than 10 years old, the furnace needs to be inspected and serviced by a qualified (licensed where required) heating/venting/air-conditioning (HVAC) contractor. The heat exchanger should be checked for cracks, and the burners need to be cleaned and adjusted. The contractor may also check the pressure sensors and ...
  5. Make home improvements without breaking the bank

    Is it possible to keep costs manageable while still making impactful upgrades to my home?

    Home renovations require patience, planning and more patience, but not massive amounts of money. You just have to think like a pro. Keep costs down and spirits up by taking advantage of these professionally proven tips and techniques in order to achieve the look and feel you want — minus the hassles.

    Lights. Make sure your kitchen has the illumination you need and want. Any kitchen ...
  6. 5 common mistakes to avoid when building your custom home

    Building a new home can be one of the most satisfying and most challenging experiences of your life. The opportunity to build a home that reflects your personality and your unique vision is an exciting one, especially when considering that we have more options in building technologies, materials, finishes and designs than ever before.

    With the right team of design and construction professionals, it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences, especially if you can avoid these ...
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