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  1. Mission, Arts & Crafts and Stickley Style Furniture by Vermont Artisan Chad Woodruff

    Today we extend our thanks to one of our favorite Vermont artisan furniture makers: Chad Woodruff of Woodruff Custom Furniture in Vernon Vermont.
    Chad specializes in building Arts & Crafts style pieces, inspired by makers like Stickley, Roycroft, and Limbert. Each piece Chad crafts has a simple beauty and an honest solid construction. His furniture is made by hand from rough board to ...
    Dining Room , Furniture
  2. Modern American Furniture on Sale

    We have three new American made furniture collections at Vermont Woods Studios and we're celebrating finally getting these up and running on our website with a big 15% off sale. These collections:
    Modern American Furniture
    Modern Shaker Furniture and
    Contemporary Craftsman Furniture
    are all handmade in Burlington, Vermont at a small workshop that's been focusing on simplicity ...
  3. Product Concept

    Our furniture product using material that comes from broken-down old houses or other sources such as rice barns, school buildings, bridges, cow/buffalo sheds, railway sleepers, ships or other sources that made of teakwood and then to be broken-down as teak component material. These materials are to be used as main material in our furniture production.

    The main style or design of our product that we adapt is colonial style, which was a European furniture style in the era ...
    Furniture , Woodworking
  4. Reclaimed Teak Only

    Reclaimed Teak Only is not just our company motto. Reclaimed Teak is a manifest to what people call with ‘kayu lawas’, which is mainly comes from old teak houses (or from other sources such as old bridges, stables, shed or cow/buffalo house, old ship, etc) with some years than can be categorize as old to be broken down and taken as main components for furniture production, the material are not from new cut-down ...
    Furniture , Woodworking
  5. Ballerina care instructions

    General care instructions

    The high quality surfaces of a quality kitchen are very easy to care for. In order to preserve
    the value and duration of life of the new kitchen over many years, regular, but above
    all proper attention should be paid to these aspects.

    Please therefore observe the following care instructions:

    • Always only use mild, water-soluble household cleaners expressly intended for
    kitchen furniture in their product information. ...
  6. Ergonomics in XL

    There are tall and small people with different requirements in working height. Ballerina XL provides – due to the height grid 130 mm - the ergonomically suitable working height according to your body height. Cooking, preparing and washing - these are different activities which need different working heights. The sink area and the preparing area should be planned higher than the cooking area. A raised oven or dishwasher also makes the daily work much easier.

    The Ballerina height ...