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  1. 5 Affordable & Easy Ways to Add Lighting to a Wardrobe

    A component that often gets excluded from the many homeowners’ to-do list when they’re building a wardrobe, closet lighting is something that is too useful to ignore. Other than being a practical storage design feature, the difference it makes is quite astonishing, transforming a gloomy and dark closet space into a beautiful and functional with the addition of a wow factor – in the blink of an eye! Since selecting the right lighting for your ...
  2. Should I install outdoor lighting?

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ID:	11222Just as you rely on a well-designed lighting plan inside your home, you should pay careful attention to how you illuminate the exterior. Outdoor lighting can ensure your family's safety, improve home security and enhance how you use the space.


    Judicious use of outdoor decorative lights gives your home character. They can be used to highlight flower gardens, decorative architectural components and landscaping. Small, low-voltage ...
  3. Audio Visual And Event Technical Production

    Our production services consist of audio, information, lighting, picturesque, staging and video. Of impassioned humans and innovation genies who awaken from bed every day with a single-minded quest: to help our customers create completely performed occasions that their guests rave about. Event Audio visual services is uniquely certified to be your next in house AV supplier.

    You can even have a good study, however in some cases the need for audiovisual production is too huge for you ...
  4. An Experiment Using The Best Full Spectrum LED Indoor Grow Light:Reviews (Updated 2019)

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ID:	11109For many of us living in the city the closest we get to seeing leaves and plants is outside. We want to own a garden to enjoy the tranquillity, the smell, the peacefulness.

    These are all things that we are missing out on. To be able to have a garden of your own is a luxury. As a relatively keen gardener who has done some small scale grows before I thought it would be a cool idea to try out an experiment.

    For 21 days I would have two Christmas ...
  5. How To Choose The Safest LED Motion Sensor Security Light In 2019

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ID:	11094Everybody wants to make their home more secure. 2019 might be the best year for this!

    All sorts of companies are advertising LED outdoor security lights with motion detectors and dusk to dawn settings. But with so much information out there how will you know which one is best?

    In order to make an informed purchase the best way to see what you want in a light is to find out:

    Why do we need security lighting?
    What types of ...
  6. How to Install Surface Mounted Downlights

    Time: 2 hours; Cost:$200 - $300; Skill Level:Moderate

    Tools List for Installing Surface Mounted Downlights:

    - Screwdriver
    - Wire nuts
    - Pliers

    Shopping List:

    - Surface mounted LED light fixtures
    - Dimmer/Wireless dimmer


    1. Find the necessary breaker on the main electrical panel and turn off the power.

    2. Remove current light fixtures using a screwdriver and unscrewing the wire nuts ...
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