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  1. Tips on How to Check If Your Surveillance Cameras Are Working

    A while back, some home security websites were promoting the use of dummy security cameras to deter burglars. However, experienced burglars know if a security camera is working or not. To protect your home, you should use working security cameras.With that said, intruders might deliberately disable your camera system, and this will put you at the risk of a break-in. For starters, you need to know whether you are using a real or fake camera.
    A Google search is the best ways to see if you have ...
  2. Bring life back into the Office with renovation

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    Some older buildings, and some not-so-old, have valuable floor space but are unsuitable for modern interactivity; small offices and narrow corridors are not the best business environment, despite the expression ‘corridors of power.’ The obvious solution is to start again, utilising the floor area to its best advantage by pulling down dividing walls and planning a more work-effective layout.

    An Office interior fit out is just what such a situation ...