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  1. This is How Windows Can Influence your Home Decor

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ID:	11064Windows are often neglected in home décor. However, they play a significant role in not just its functionality but also aesthetics.

    Apart from the great view outside window, you can also benefit from its various designs, bringing a lot of variety to your home’s visual appeal.

    There are many ways to brighten up your interiors with the help of windows.

    In this article, we will highlight the ways your windows can impact the
  2. Vintage & Rustic Style Room Décor Ideas

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    Decorating your home in this day and age is probably easier than ever – with so many different styles and ideas, you can do whatever you want and still end up with a cozy and elegant home every member of your family will enjoy. However, lots of people love going back in time and exploring the ideas behind rustic and vintage décor. Replicating this style is easy, and all you need is a couple of great ideas, so here are a few suggestions you might want to ...
  3. Cork Furniture: Unique Design & Eco-Friendly

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    Eco-friendly furniture is hot right now!

    As consumers become more and more conscious about the environment, they are adapting their consumption habits as well. This is also the case in interior decoration and furniture items, and several designers are jumping on this trend.

    Long gone are the days that going green would mean you'd have to compromise on design. Today designers are able to create high end and modern pieces that perhaps ...
  4. How to keep your air-conditioner running smoothly

    If you want to save money on energy and still increase the lifespan of your air-conditioner, then it must be well maintained. The AC needs to operate at the highest efficiency and therefore needs regular attention. The heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system in your house consists of the exterior and the interior unit. Following are the steps to follow when cleaning:

    1. Shut the power off

    Walking around electricity and the air conditioner’s moving parts poses a ...
  5. Short On Space In Your Living Room? Worry Not!

    There is an underlined common myth in people’s minds that small living rooms cannot be beautiful, for having a nice living room, you need more space. But what people do not understand is, there is no connection between a good living room and a big one. Surely, in a bigger room you can do much more but is that what is priority for a better room?

    Visit the best online furniture stores and they will shower you with ideas utilising each corner of your small living room and making it look ...
    Living Room
  6. 6 Ways to Make Your Living Room Neat and Tidy

    Are you happy with the way your living room looks? It doesn’t matter how spacious, elegant, and comfortable it appears, you can certainly make it look even better if you clean and tidy it up. Seeing as this is one of the most used rooms in every house, it easily becomes cluttered with a lot of unnecessary things, which eventually leads to chaos and makes cleaning it up a real nightmare. Save your time by following these simple steps when the time comes for you to declutter your living room. ...
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    Living Room
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