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  1. How to Properly Clean the Fireplace in your Oxford Living Room

    A lot of people in Oxford choose to use a fireplace as the main heat source during the cold months. It is cheaper than electricity, and the fire creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in your living room. But now, when the winter is almost over, it is time to clean your fireplace properly. And here comes the big question: Do you actually know how to do that? Many people think that as long as you remove the leftover ash everything is fine, but it is not entirely true. We have compiled a simple ...
  2. Should I hire a carpet cleaner?

    If you've been holding holiday events all December, the unsung MVP of your home may be your carpets! They've endured large amounts of traffic, not to mention the salt or melted snow visitors may be tracking into your house. Now is an excellent time to take stock of your carpet and consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner.


    Cleaning your carpet carries more than just aesthetic benefits. The American Lung Association says that dust accumulation ...
  3. 4 Circumstances When To Book One Off Cleaning

    Regardless of how organised you might be, sometimes you might find yourself without enough time to handle all tasks including cleaning your house. Luckily, you should hire a professional cleaning company to handle this and focus on grocery shopping and decorating for the season. Professional cleaners will make your home clean and tidy to get ready for guests. A one off cleaning is what you need to make your home sparkling before guests begin arriving and this comes in handy in different circumstances ...
  4. Toilet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

    Despite the fact that a clean toilet is ideal, yet most people see it as the worst chore in the house. You donít want to see your toilet to look mucky and fusty, so you need to make sure itís clean always.

    Although there are different methods to clean and maintain the cleanliness of a toilet when it has different problem areas, the basic supplies that you may need include household sponge, rubber gloves, toilet brush, toilet cleaner, paper towels, and bathroom spray cleaner.
  5. What to do before hiring a professional window cleaner

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ID:	11054Consider the much time, the equipment, tools and solutions that youíd need to do the window cleaning yourself. This is one of the risky jobs, especially when cleaning tall buildings. Thus, doing it yourself exposes you to the risk of injuries when accidents occur. That is why you need a professional window cleaner to do the work for you. They have the skills and experience in working under any unfavorable conditions and thus will do a perfect job.

    Before ...
  6. Cleaning tips for your floor after renovation

    The renovation is over, and the house looks amazing, but what about the dust and left-over of the work? There is a lot more when the house is being renovated. The workers leave home with a lot of dust and damage to the house so cleaning up can be the biggest task after renovation. The dust and construction work can damage the flooring and can bring scratches to the laminate flooring. So, to clean the floor considering all the dos and doníts the following tips will help you out.

    Cleaning ...
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