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  1. How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Installation

    Getting a new air conditioning unit in Hammond, LA is expensive. The price of an A/C system is only a piece of the total cost to install the equipment. You will also need to hire a qualified professional HVAC contractor, pay for a pre-installation evaluation, and probably for air duct installation. You'll likely need thousands of dollars.

    Installing a brand new A/C can indeed cause a huge dent in your home improvement budget. To help you pay only for what's necessary and save as much ...
  2. How to tell your conditioner needs repair

    For an inexperienced homeowner, it might be difficult to tell when your air conditioning system isn’t working properly. However, someone who has used the system for a while will notice when there is a problem and when there is a need for repair. Other times you realize that something funny with the air-conditioning unit but put off for a later date. This can be dangerous in that there are problems if not arrested immediately could lead to an entire system breakdown- thus you cannot afford to close ...
  3. How to keep your air-conditioner running smoothly

    If you want to save money on energy and still increase the lifespan of your air-conditioner, then it must be well maintained. The AC needs to operate at the highest efficiency and therefore needs regular attention. The heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system in your house consists of the exterior and the interior unit. Following are the steps to follow when cleaning:

    1. Shut the power off

    Walking around electricity and the air conditioner’s moving parts poses a ...
  4. Busting 3 Myths About Your Air Conditioning System

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	10809Have you noticed your air conditioning system malfunctioning lately? Perhaps it’s a few months after installation? Well, this is something you’re not facing alone. A lot of people in Bakersfield might be facing the same problem. You don’t have to begin thinking that your investment has gone to waste. If you see the issues minutely, there’s a possibility to find a solution. This article is busting 3 myths about your air conditioning system.

    Noticing ...
  5. Best Energy Solutions for Air Conditioning Systems

    Air conditioning systems are a necessity in those areas where the summer heat goes beyond bearable. It is not a surprise that these systems use up a lot of energy. If you are using an air conditioning system, your electricity bills are bound to soar.

    These air conditioning systems are used in domestic and commercial sectors, alike. In both cases, the users try to go for ways in which energy is conserved so that it can ultimately decrease the cost of availing this facility. There are ...
  6. How to Install a Window Air-Conditioning Unit

    Window air conditioning units are often a straightforward and dependable fix to keep a room or small area cool while avoiding high energy costs. They are also simple to install if you follow the right methods. These portable units can also be easily removed in colder months when a space heater becomes necessary.

    The first step to installing a window air-conditioner unit is to measure the room or area in which you will be installing it. You will want to choose an air conditioning unit ...
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