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  1. Top 8 Types Of Living Room Rugs

    Living room is the part of the house that is closest to almost every individual. A lot of people invest in a number of interior decorating and comforting items and one of them is the rug. The blog talks about 8 most used types of ​living room rugs​ that can be used within the living room.

    On the basis of Shape

    These are the two best types of of living room rugs on the basis of shape: -

    1. The runner

    The runner rugs are ideal if you wish to ...
  2. Understanding the pros, cons and costs of popular flooring materials

    Choosing flooring can be intimidating. Not only are there dozens of options to choose from, but there are also a number of important factors to consider with each material. This summary of the pros, cons and costs of popular flooring types will help you choose the best option for your home and lifestyle.


    You can't beat the beauty, durability and versatility of hardwood flooring and its engineered counterparts. Not only is hardwood flooring easy to maintain and ...
  3. How To Choose Beautiful And Functional Stair Handrails

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ID:	10907A staircase is a centerpiece in a home. It serves a variety of functions apart from being a large architectural feature which contributes significantly to your homeís overall appearance. There are various accessories for staircases.

    Therefore, you have to be careful when selecting to ensure you pick those which will give your home or property a brand new look.

    Furthermore, carefully chosen accessories will enhance the style already in your ...
  4. 5 Benefits of Wood Flooring in London

    Wood flooring is known for its classic appeal; it never goes out of trend. Many homeowners in London are embracing wood flooring for the warmness, aesthetic appeals, durability, and value that it adds to their houses.

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    With proper maintenance and repair, wood floors can last more than 100 years. Their ability to stand the test of time makes them an all-time favourite for many homeowners. If youíre still on the fence about whether or not you ...
  5. Timber Floors Shine Better With These Expert Tips

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ID:	10895If you wish to add a touch of luxury to the floor of your home, shop or hotel, then timber flooring is what a lot of us go for. Whenever there is a renovation taking place and the homeowner wishes for a newer and better look, their first choice is to get a shiny timber floor.

    However, with time, these timber floors tend to lose their look and shine. They are delicate enough to do away with their initial luster if not taken proper care of. If you are one ...
  6. Wooden Floor Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home Looking Great

    Gone are the days when cement flooring used to rule and every building had cement flooring done for longevity. It's the era of durability and style and thatís what makes wooden flooring extremely popular all over the world. Along with the classy appearance, wooden flooring comes with a variety of styles and colours to choose from for your home and office.

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