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  1. Furniture Made in America

    This week ABC News with Diane Sawyer is running a Made in America series in an effort to get people to think about American jobs whenever they buy something. The series takes a look at a family of four in Texas. It turns out they own hardly a thing that's made in the USA. So ABC news clears their house out of everything imported (basically only a flower vase is left) and re-fills it with American made furniture, appliances, clothing, toys and such. It's interesting and a great reminder to buy American. ...
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  2. Antiques: The ins and outs of Colonial Furniture

    The 18th-century American furniture exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a mini-feast of masterpieces in the sort of people-oriented presentation that collectors long to see in museums, but rarely do.

    The 60 Queen Anne and Chippendale selections in provocative displays are from the Metropolitan's permanent collection, and were chosen by Morrison Heckscher, curator of American decorative arts. The works in the show - which can be seen through December in the American Wing ...
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  3. Sleep Advisor

    An old English proverb says: "Sleep is better than medicine”. And this is true, but only if you sleep correctly. You can sleep the right way if your mattress is perfectly in harmony with your weight, your build and your sleeping customs.

    Your biomechanics is correct when your backbone is well situated – regardless whether you are lying on your back, in a side position or in a face-down position. If, for instance, the degree of hardness is not right, disturbances in blood circulation ...
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  4. Does Fake-Wood Furniture Sit Well With the Planet?

    I just moved to a new city so I could go back to school. Now I've got to furnish an apartment on a graduate student's budget. How bad for the environment is a fake-wood bureau or bookcase? .

    One of the cardinal rules of green living is to invest in quality items that don't need to be replaced very often. But it's not always possible to buy that handcrafted, solid-oak bookcase, especially if you're living off a university stipend. So unless you're willing to let all your clothes and ...
  5. Feng Shui Decoration With Colors

    Feng shui does not only help with the aesthetically pleasing arrangement of objects in your home, but it also brings together important elements so that harmony and balance can be achieved. One of the key things to consider with your home feng shui decoration, is colors. Good feng shui colors have the ability to affect a persons emotional and physical state. Each color has a unique way of affecting a person and this is how color can be applied in your space to enhance certain energies in your life. ...
  6. How To Refresh A Room On A Budget

    Remodeling and redecorating can be expensive. But you don’t have to spend a bundle to get a new look. There are lots of different ways to refresh a room on a small budget. One of the easiest things that you can do is go through the room in question and get rid of all the clutter. Organizing and rearranging your possessions doesn’t cost a penny, but doing so could have a dramatic impact on the look of any room in the house. You may also want to try doing one or more of the following things: ...