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  1. How to choose proper bathroom furniture?

    Choosing right sort of bathroom furniture gives your bathroom an elegant and harmonized appearance. Today, having such luxury offers peace of mind. It is a personal space where we can have time to refresh. A place where we can truly enjoy our solitude for a few minutes a day. So it is important to work in the bathroom to make it more comfortable and beautiful.

    Freestanding bathroom furniture:

    Using freestanding bathroom furniture is for the bathroom with sufficient space. ...
  2. Bathroom on a budget: how to maximize a small space

    Making a small bathroom look strikingly beautiful without breaking the bank is more than possible. It only requires creativity and a few smart ideas. Minor alterations like updating handles, displaying body lotions and facial tissues instead of hiding them within cabinets, enhancing metal fittings, hanging natural plants from the ceiling, refreshing towels, changing the shower curtain or even transforming an old vanity into a chic piece can make a big difference.

    In fact, you can initiate ...
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  3. 5 Ways to Incorporate Wood into your Bathroom Design

    Wood is one of the design elements that you can incorporate in the bathroom if you want an authentic and warm appeal. If you are curious about some of the best ways to use wood in designing your bathroom, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll share some ideas that you might find appealing.

    As a Countertop

    Wood countertops will be a great choice for a bathroom with a light color, especially white. One of the ways to give it a fresh look is to add freestanding sinks. ...
  4. Handheld Shower Heads - How to Use Them for Your Benefit

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    Every one of us would love to have an adaptable and helpful shower head in our lavatory. What could be superior to having a shower head that can be refreshed on a support, be mounted on the divider or be joined to the shower pipe! On the off chance that this is the thing that you have as a primary concern, at that point you ought to think about obtaining a handheld shower. As the name proposes, you can grasp this gadget and appreciate the warm water run ...
  5. Completely Transform the Appearance of Your Bathrooms by Installing Vision Acrylic Panels

    The reality is that most homeowners always want to transform the appearance of their homes. Their main intention is to make their home attractive to others. Some of them also transform the looks for their homes to increase the market value, in case they are interested in selling them. The wholesale hardwood lumber is commonly used to change the appearance of floors and walls. The acrylic panels, on the other hand, are used instead of glass windows.

    Bathrooms are wet, and in most ...
  6. Bathroom Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

    The bathroom is now becoming more than a place for hygiene. It has evolved to a space for me-time, relaxation, and beauty rituals. It is just natural for bathroom trends to evolve with the shift. Bathroom décors and furnishings have changed and evolved.

    Thinking of renovating your bathroom or in the process of building your home? Here are some bathroom trends to try this 2018.

    Lifestyle Bathroom

    The bathroom is more than a practical room for cleaning up. It ...
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