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  1. Easy and affordable summer DIY projects

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ID:	10009Now that it's finally summer, why not get crafty and take on some easy and affordable DIY projects?

    With busy weekends in mind, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite, easy and affordable DIY projects just in time for summer.

    Best of all, you will have fun following the step-by-step instructions that make up each Design Recipe.


    While painting is an affordable and easy way to add ...
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  2. Make bland rooms better with instant architectural detail

    Summer is a great time to take on a DIY project. One way to spruce up your home is to add instant architectural detail to otherwise bland rooms. Architectural detail can come in various forms, from the more ornate, like columns and stone fireplaces, to the more basic, such as installing bead board or a simple chair railing.

    Installing bead board with the right tools can be an easy and affordable upgrade to any home, as with chair railing, which typically comes in long inexpensive strips. ...
    Home Decor
  3. Decorating for summer? Here are a few tips

    Spring is nearing an end, and we are almost in the full swing of summer. That means you'd better get going if you are going to decorate for summer. There are a lot of ways to decorate your outside space as well as your home to help bring summer into the full swing of things and prepare for all those summer parties. Here are some tips and suggestions to follow if you are decorating for summer.

    Go outdoors first

    If you have a lot of outdoor space with a large yard or something ...
  4. Prints, Posters and Pinups: Hanging Solutions for Damage-Free Displaying

    Interior design is a thorn in the side of those who want their place to look great but donít want to spend the time and money to do it. Moreover, hanging, banging, and arranging will damages walls, which is an unfortunate occurrence for those who are renting or donít want to invest in later renovations. Below, find crafty ideas for damage-free hanging.

    Second Hand

    Itís great to have another set of hands when youíre decorating, but itís even better to purchase second-hand ...
    Home Decor
  5. Using wood in home designs

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    Many people looking to furnish their homes are drawn to wooden furniture for its versatility and naturally attractive qualities. Itís a warm material in comparison to metal or glass, and because it has the look and feel of a living thing, wood has far more character than plain plastic. This organic element gives each item a rustic feel that perfectly suits even the most contemporary of properties. However, not all timber used in the production of furniture is sourced ...
    Home Decor
  6. Interesting Table Settings Ideas for the Weekend

    A little resourcefulness and creativity in table setting is all it takes to transform a drab meal at the dining table into an interesting, Instagram-able activity. The article gives some ideas for setting a table and tells how weekend get-togethers or brunches can be made more picture-perfect with easily available objects and a little effort.

    Whether it is a lavish celebration or just a cozy weekend brunch, the table setting can make a whole difference to the ambiance. While a grand ...
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