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  1. What paperwork should my contractor provide?

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    Some say a job isn't finished till the paperwork is done, but with remodeling, the job shouldn't start without proper research and documentation. Your general contractor should provide proof of licensing, bonding and insurance before a project starts, but it's better to have it in hand before you sign any contracts.

    It's important that contractors carry any licensing and/or certification required for the specific trade or skill they practice. In addition, ...
  2. Ideas for decorating with LED light fixtures

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ID:	10077Buying lighting for your home is a lot more fun these days thanks to advances in LED technology.

    Designers are having a heyday. They get to do anything with shapes.

    It used to be if you had a bar with crystals, there would have to be sockets wired in with bulbs. Now, there are no sockets and bulbs. The bar itself lights up and the crystals dangle below.

    At, LED is a growing category with some of the most unusual ...
  3. Renting vs Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

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    To rent or not to rent, that is the question. Or do you just buy a carpet cleaning machine and call it good? That is a difficult question and there is so much to try to decide, so you will definitely need to do your homework. But to start you thinking about things and perhaps point you in your research direction, here are a few things to think about while you make your decision.

    Clearly leaving it to the professionals is the easiest way to go. ...
  4. Buying Furniture

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    Buying furniture has always been a perilous, complex affair. You don't buy a couch the way you buy a television or a laptop computer. You can't carry the couch out of the store with you (most of the time). Heck, usually you donít really have a great idea when the couch will get to your living room.

    Like all businesses, the furniture industry is undergoing dramatic changes, thanks to the dual challenges of the digital age and the recession. That means ...
  5. How much does it cost to replace exterior shutters?

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    Whether you buy your shutters from a home improvement store or have them custom made, the cost will depend on how many windows you have and what size and style of shutter you choose, as well as type of material and hardware.

    A store-bought pair of 15-by-63-inch raised-panel vinyl shutters can start at around $70, while a pair of custom-made painted wood shutters for a 36-by-66-inch window can cost $400 to $500.

    The hardware can cost ...
  6. What To Avoid When Picking Timber For Your Woodworking Project

    Starting any woodworking project requires good wood. Knots, twists and other damage to timber will mess up your project before you even get started.
    Hereís what to look for when buying individual pieces of wood.

    Get picky when buying wood (no matter what the grade) and donít just settle for whatís on top. Inspect boards looking from one end to the other and note any warping, twisting or splits. Pass on those that arenít ...