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  1. Making a Positive Impact with Eco-Friendly Cleaning

    Helping the environment is something we should all strive for. Over time, humans have harmed the planet with pollution, deforestation and more, and so we must endeavor to reverse the damage and prevent more from taking place. This can be done at high levels such as politicians introducing new legislation to stop dangerous acts or the construction of alternative power plants. Being green can be done by anyone though, with tasks such as turning palaces off when not in use, recycling items, not using ...
  2. Recycle autumn leaves to make great soil

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    Walk through any forest and you'll discover the ground is soft, even spongy to walk on. This is the result of years of fallen leaves that can accumulate to a surprising depth. It's called the duff layer, and the bottom is perpetually decomposing into a soft, dark crumbly material called leaf mold. It's rich in organic matter and microbes, and it has long been used by gardeners.

    Leaf mold is favored for opening dense clay. It's ideal for helping porous ...
    Garden, Landscaping
  3. 7 ways to refresh a bathroom on a budget

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    Bathrooms still rank high on the list of home owner renovation projects. But there are ways to give a bathroom a quick uplift without spending a bundle.

    Here are seven ways to refresh and renew your bathroom at an affordable price.

    1. Replace the toilet

    Replacing a toilet is an inexpensive upgrade. This is a purchase that is typically under $300.

    2. Replace the bathroom countertop

    From laminates to ...
  4. Indoor or Outdoor Rattan Furniture Will Fit Well in Your Home

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    The beauty of investing in rattan furniture is that you can use it both indoors or outdoors and create a very stylish look to an area without having to spend a fortune. There are many advantages to choosing rattan furniture to decorate a home one of which is that although it is lightweight and therefore very easy to move around, it is also extremely durable. The other advantage is that if well cared for, your furniture will last a lifetime and then some. If you ...
  5. What to Look While Buying Furniture Online

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    Off late there has been a scarcity of time in all of our lives to give dedicated attention to even the most important things. Home being one of them. Gone are those days when families used to go out to dedicated furniture markets bustling with other people and sellers.

    Luckily for us, the online furniture players are trying to understand this problem and presenting great furniture and decor online, that too with lucrative discounts.

    But ...
  6. 5 Ways To Cut Costs (Not Corners) During An Office Fitout

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    Have you been thinking about undertaking an office fitout but are a bit wary of proceeding because of the expected cost? Whilst there is no denying that such endeavours can be expensive, we wanted to share with you our favourite ways to cut fitout costs without cutting corners. At the end, you will be left with an office that looks a million dollars without the exorbitant price tag. So, what are 5 of the best ways to lower the cost of these projects?