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  1. Garden Furniture Fashion Fun

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    But where's the sun ?

    With summer firmly on its way, now would seem like as good a time as any to push this product out there.

    I'll say right now that we love it, not only is it nice to look at but it's also extremely practical and versatile. In fact it's brilliant and ingenious.

    I've used the word ingenious for a particular reason, it makes me feel very clever and it also means original, creative, inventive and nifty. ...
  2. Not Just Your Ordinary Fireplace

    Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a fireplace in their home, and for those of us without one, there aren't many solutions. Or not that we've known of.

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    Too often we let good design stop at the back door, but our Modfire fireplaces ($950-$1250) are a fantastic center piece and are available as either wood or gas burning! Some spaces beg for a shock of color to lift them from ordinary to unbelievable, and ...