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  1. Student Accommodation Tips For International Students

    If you're a foreign student who has chosen US for your studies, you will definitely have plenty of questions running in your mind. You would want to do everything possible to cope with living in the country. The country has all sorts of modern facilities and not everything comes with a low price tag. However, if you pay attention and make your choices wisely, you will be able to keep the costs of living significantly lower. The major expense, as you all know, during the student life is for accommodation. ...
  2. Top Home Design Trends for 2019

    With designers already talking about the home décor trends for 2019, we reveal the hottest home developments you should be ready to embrace next year.

    Dark Kitchens

    If you’re thinking about renovating your beloved kitchen, put aside a neutral colour palette and turn to black and navy-blue shades instead. According to Livingetc, searches for black and navy-blue kitchens with matte and powdery finishes were up 93% in the past 6 months, making dark kitchens a must-embrace ...
  3. Vintage & Rustic Style Room Décor Ideas

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    Decorating your home in this day and age is probably easier than ever – with so many different styles and ideas, you can do whatever you want and still end up with a cozy and elegant home every member of your family will enjoy. However, lots of people love going back in time and exploring the ideas behind rustic and vintage décor. Replicating this style is easy, and all you need is a couple of great ideas, so here are a few suggestions you might want to ...
  4. Eco-Friendly Tips to Make Your Backyard Even Greener

    By adopting a few eco-friendly changes in your backyard, you join the environment-friendly movement and also save some money at the same time, but being environmentally-aware means more than just making a change or two in your home. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to create ...
  5. Hearsay, Deception, and Humidifier Uses

    You probably have a humidifier in your house already, so you may add essential oils in humidifier immediately to gain from their effects. You are also able to get a humidifier with a humidistat to measure and manage the quantity of mist dispersed given the humidity level in the surroundings. Because humidifiers can assist in preventing sinus and allergy-related infections, and guarantee a high amount of indoor air quality, by regulating moisture amounts within the room. For many families, a humidifier ...
  6. Cleaning tips for your floor after renovation

    The renovation is over, and the house looks amazing, but what about the dust and left-over of the work? There is a lot more when the house is being renovated. The workers leave home with a lot of dust and damage to the house so cleaning up can be the biggest task after renovation. The dust and construction work can damage the flooring and can bring scratches to the laminate flooring. So, to clean the floor considering all the dos and don’ts the following tips will help you out.

    Cleaning ...
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