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  1. How can I protect my home against carbon monoxide?

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    Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can be easily generated by many home appliances. Although it presents a danger any time of year, it is a particular concern during colder months, when families run furnaces and heaters more frequently.

    Carbon monoxide poses significant risks inside the home. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, upset stomach and confusion. Too much carbon monoxide can be fatal. Every year, it sends more than 20,000 ...
  2. How Not To Ignore Going Solar In 2019

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ID:	11084Millions of Americans are suffering with higher electricity bills. Installing a solar system would be a great idea but have not yet made up their mind.

    Well, itís very important to consider getting a solar system in the New Year so you donít stop missing the tremendous benefits of this renewable energy.

    For your next home improvement project, installing solar panels should be on top of your list. Read on to discover how not to ignore going ...
  3. 3 Reasons Why You Should Plan to Do Regular Service to Air Conditioning System

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ID:	11074People love air conditioning systems as it can keep them cold and comfortable at their homes or the office space. So many people are purchasing air conditioners for their house or office. Once the installation is complete, people tend to forget about their existence.

    Unless there is a sudden problem associated with it, most people do not react. They do not approach a Houston air conditioning service company to get the equipment serviced. It is not a good ...
  4. How to choose the best smart thermostat for your home

    Colder weather has arrived, bringing higher energy costs for many homeowners. The good news is that a smart thermostat can help keep these costs in check.

    A smart thermostat replaces your traditional thermostat and enables you to program your home's heating system (and cooling in warmer months) to turn down automatically when you're asleep or away.

    Each degree you adjust the temperature equals a 2 percent annual energy savings. For the average homeowner, that works out ...
  5. 5 Tips To Prevent Pump Burn Out

    A pump is anessential equipment to keep the fountain working efficiently. Additionally, a quality pump enhances the beauty of your water feature. Therefore, itís imperative to understand how to take careof the fountain pump to lessen chances of burn out. But, you have to first understand what pump burn out means. Youíre going to discover this below including 5 tips to prevent pump burn out to ensure thatyou enjoy your pool at all times.

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    What is pump ...
  6. How to save money and keep your house warm this winter

    As winter approaches, you may be dreading the increased energy bills that come along with the need for heat. But you can follow some tips to keep your house warm and save energy at the same time.


    Some of the most effective methods for warming up your house are the simplest. For example, open your blinds in the morning to let in both light and heat during winter. Close them at night to prevent a chill from cold windows. Switch your ceiling fan so ...
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