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  1. The Best Time to Buy Furniture for Savings

    Start the Year With Spring Savings

    The spring is a time when home sales start to trend upwards. Furniture retailers often try to entice people through their doors by offering discounts on indoor furniture. It's not a good idea to buy outdoor furniture in the spring, though, because things like barbecues, poolside furniture and patio sets are all in high demand, and that means higher prices. Stick to indoor furniture in the spring.

    The Summer Slump

    Summer ...
  2. Skeleton Wall Clock: Donít be scared by the name

    Wall clocks are an integral part of our lives. No matter how many other sources you can find for watching time but a wall clock is still required. Apart from its utility in satisfying the urge to know the time whenever you look at the wall, wall clocks can have an aesthetic aspect as well. They can fill one of the walls of your room, thus providing an automatic mechanism of decoration. This article is focused on one of the special types of wall clocks i.e. skeleton wall clock. Weíll try to cover ...
  3. 5 Platner Chair layouts plucked straight from Pinterest

    The Platner Chair is stunning in its own right, but when paired with a beautiful interior layout it becomes even more eye-catching. If youíre looking for such inspirations regarding this chair, then you can take a look at the list below. Weíve compiled gorgeous inspirations and layouts that feel like theyíve been plucked straight from a Pinterest board. Letís take a look:

    1.The urban chic dining space

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  4. How to Keep Your Stainless Steel Tables Shiny and Squeaky Clean

    Stainless steel is a widely utilised material for a wide spectrum of things. Would you like some proof?

    When you look around youíre likely to find at least one piece of equipment or furnishing or something that incorporates stainless steel. Itís popular across various industries and business sectors for its numerous features and benefits.
    One of them includes that stainless steel is extremely easy to clean and needs close to zero maintenance. No one tends to walk away from zero ...
  5. How can I clean the air in my home?

    Whether you live in an expansive estate or a cozy cottage, there are proactive ways to ensure the air in your home stays healthy year-round. Here's a look at how to recognize and address common indoor air pollutants.

    Tackle mold head-on

    A leaky window, a drip beneath the sink or a humid climate can all trigger a mold problem in your house, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It's common for people to have an allergic reaction to mold, and it can also ...
  6. How do I get rid of bad smells in my house?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bad smells in my house.jpg 
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ID:	11301Foul smells arenít just unpleasant.

    They can also signal unhealthy conditions, making it important to find and remove the source as soon as possible.

    Whether your furry friends are wreaking havoc on your carpets or youíre catching a whiff of something musty and new, different odors can indicate whether you should sterilize things yourself or call in a professional.

    1. Rinse your dishwasher

    Eliminate odors and give ...
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