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  1. Choosing the best mattress for children

    When choosing a mattress for children's bed parents should be clear about some criteria that will help them decide on a mattress that, first, ensures the well-being of the children, and also does not offer risks for the little ones. allergies, having sleep problems, or a problem in the spine.

    A bad product can cause negative consequences for the health of children. It is not the same to buy a zinus mattress for the delicate and fragile body of a baby, then for an older child whose weight ...
  2. Beds to Purchase

    Majority of the people today see the bed for sleeping and relaxing. Personally, I think your bed is your best friend. It caresses you, when youíre lonely and alone. It catches your tears when you cry. It comforts you when youíre cold. Itís also a witness to your happy moments, such as talking to your crush over the phone while you lie flat blushing.

    All of these can be done with your regular bed. But imagine doing them with these awesome beds:

    Snuggle bed
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  3. 10 Amazing Beds

    1. Big Bed, design: Paola Navone - Poliform - Italy

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    The idea of the bed which is like an island, characterized by simple lines and great comfort.

    2. Piumotto, Design: - Marco Boga - Cinova - Italy

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    An element of furnishing with generous and comfortable curves. The Piumotto bed is a model of unique and modern design that cuddles the senses and conciliates ...
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  4. Pine Log Beds

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    One thing that we love to build in our Montana workshop is log beds and log bunk beds. We have several styles of pine log beds and bunk beds that are sure to meet your sleeping capacity and style needs.

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    Our Glacier log bunk bed is a a truly unique piece that is build from lodgepole pine and has the ladder incorporated right into the foot board. You can get this style in a number of configurations from twin over twin ...
  5. High End, Modern, Contemporary Wood Bedroom Furniture by Copeland

    I have to share some of these beautiful photos of our New Copeland Furniture Collection as we're adding them to our online furniture store.

    Tim Copeland started his company over 30 years ago, and has built a reputation for world class, handmade, high end furniture in a variety of styles and designs. His modern mid-century Astrid, Catalina and SoHo collections are entirely different from ...
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  6. Mid Summer Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Sale!

    Customers, fans, and admirers of Vermont Woods Studios fine wood furniture spend the most time browsing in our bedroom furniture galleries. So beds and bedroom sets have become some of the most popular pieces we sell. And it is around this time every summer we see the interest in bedroom furnishings peak. Perhaps the actions of spring see someone just moving into a new home, or ...
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