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    Enter a length and process your part... Itís just that simple!
    The TigerStop automatic stop/gauge and pusher system is the perfect addition to almost any machine tool in your shop where ease of setup, ease of use, and accuracy are required. No more battle of the tape measuresóevery partís the same with a TigerStop linear measuring system. Employees can be trained in a matter of minutes and be top performers by the end of the day.
    Easily installed on most machine tools.
    The TigerStop is part of TigerStop's Built Metal Tough line of products. These are products with features and durability that metal working shops and plants have come to expect from their equipment. Does this mean that TigerStop's Built Metal Tough products are only good for metal applications? Nah - in fact, they'll work anywhere you need a tough and durable system to position lots of material quickly and accurately.

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      They have a really good equipment