• The Lynko System by Natalia Geci

    Like many organizationally challenged folks, Argentinean designer Natalia Geci was inspired by Marie Kondo’s bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Following the author’s principal of only holding onto items that bring us joy, Geci created a freestanding, multifunctional furniture system to not only encourage de-cluttering, but to display these prized possessions.

    The LYNKO system is so lightweight that it comes flat packed in a bag, which also makes it perfect for those with a more transient lifestyle.

    Different sized metal frames and wooden hinges create an innumerable amount of configurations.
    These self standing structures can be clothes hangers , office panels , dividing screens , children's puppet theatre , to name a few.

    The system comes with accessories such as mirrors , hooks , hangers , trays , shelves , leather or fabric pockets , etc.

    The frames can be moved by the hinges to adapt to any space.

    When needed it can be folded flat for storage or easy transport.

    At any time more frames and hinges can be added to the structure , as well as the accessories.

    It can be completely customized.