• Espresso Stained Furniture

    All home decorating experts are BIG advocates of your home being a place where what you love is an integral part of your space. For those of us who LOVE coffee, the options for bringing that element into our homes have really taken off!
    Have you seen the new espresso finishes on furniture? The coffee look is now being captured, by incredible craftsmen, by using a brown maple wood with a multi layer stain and glaze process that is so durable it will last for decades. The effect is the tantalizing deep brown of the most exotic coffees right at your kitchen table.
    The brown maple being used in these new furnishings is very similar to cherry in strength and hardness, but with a warm brown latte color. The grain is as beautiful as the stirring of espresso into the hot milk and every bit as appetizing.
    When it is combined with the multi-layer specialty finish, even starbucks couldn't get a more signature look!
    Espresso as a main color in your home invites all kinds of possibilities for integrating your other furniture pieces. Think of things you love to have with your coffee, and you'll see what an inspiration it is! Pumpkin bread, brownies, golden apple danish- the color potential is wonderful and welcoming.
    The surprising detail of this beautiful espresso finish is brushed nickel accents. It makes the tech aspect of fabulous coffee present- the silver coffee maker, the measuring scoops, the techie aspect of starbucks all over!
    When you are decorating your home, think of integrating the things you love most. Coffee is such an important part and pleasure of our day, you can't make a mistake with this theme!