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A Guide to Vintage Furniture

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You will find many types of furniture in the market. There are old, new, vintage and antique. You may think that old means cheap but when it comes to furnishing, old is gold. Therefore if you are looking for vintage piece of furniture, here is a guide to further your knowledge:

What Furniture is Considered Vintage?

The term ‘vintage’ is usually used for things which are old, but when it comes to vintage furniture there is more to it than just age. Vintage defines the highest quality of a time past.

There are a wide range of furniture styles which can be considered vintage. This furniture is very well made with great attention to detail. It is characterized by maturity and its quality, which stands the test of time. This term can be used to describe originals and reproductions. Some modern pieces are acknowledged as classics of the twentieth century and are also called ‘vintage classics’.

One way of knowing a vintage piece is by examining the wood cuttings and the style. Furniture parts were machine-cut after 1860, so you can expect the carvings and cuttings to be perfect. Once furniture began being created by machines, the pieces were produced identically. The finishing on furniture can also provide clues to its true vintage nature. Finishing on vintage pieces was done by shellac, lacquer and varnish, clearly distinguishable on vintage furniture pieces.

Original vintage furniture pieces are well made and of excellent quality. If you want to make any changes then consult an expert before doing so. They will be able to confirm whether the piece requires any polishing or reupholstering. Many folks purchase items at yard sales without realizing its actual value.

It is all about recognizing this fact at the time you buy the furniture.

Buying vintage or antique furniture is an investment that will continue to gain value with time.

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