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Epoxy flooring - some specifications

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When you are choosing different kinds of flooring for your space, you need to take into account many aspects and facets in order to make the right kind of decision. Some of the most important considerations are:

Cost effectiveness,
Ease of maintenance,
Longevity and

When you look at epoxy flooring solutions, all the above aspects can be easily compared because of the availability of large number of options. Here is taking a look at some of the specifications that you must keep in mind when you are going in for an epoxy floor.


Aesthetics should be an important consideration when you are going in for a floor. Whether it is for your garage, home, commercial establishment, manufacturing facility or even a hospitality establishment, aesthetics can go a long way in enhancing productivity in many ways. Epoxy floors offer plenty of options here and allow you to choose the right kind of color and finish by choosing:

Different textures that can be added to the floor
Decorative floor decals,
Choices between solid colors and other patterns and
Choice of additions such as sand, wood chips, quartz and so on.

All of it simply means that you can come up with the perfect floor by going in for the right kind of combination.


A floor should be easy to clean and nonskid. Epoxy flooring solutions meet both the criteria very comfortably. Small wonder that commercial establishments and even garages go in for an epoxy floor because it allows them to mop up spills rather easily. The nonskid component can be taken care of by adding things like walnut shells and other texture such as silica particles. By applying this to the epoxy floor, a service provider can ensure that your floor is slip resistant.

Traffic or footfall

Epoxy flooring solutions can also be choosing depending on the volume of traffic or footfall that your space is going to see. For instance, it is good to go in for an epoxy floor, which is thicker than other flooring solutions if you need:

Thermal shock resistance
Resistance to wear and tear because of a lot of customers
Impact resistance and so on.

The service provider will certainly be able to give you the right kind of advice on how thick your floor should be so that it can take care of the traffic that you envisage.

Existing floor

In case you are planning to apply an epoxy flooring solution on an existing floor, then you should ask your service provider about the time and costs involved. For instance, if it is a steel floor, then it may need sand blasting and priming. This is a decision best taken in consultation with the epoxy floor experts. This will ensure that you have carried out the right processes of priming the existing floor before applying epoxy solutions.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that epoxy is becoming a very popular choice among many individuals when it comes to flooring solutions. Because of its advantages such as durability, aesthetics and ease of maintenance, epoxy floors are indeed here to stay.

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  1. ChaseWilson's Avatar
    I am thinking of getting epoxy put on my garage floor, but I have a few questions. I live in a snowy environment so I am tracking in snow for a good portion of the year. Will this get slippery if there is some water on it?
  2. Alex K's Avatar
    This type of surface is fine when dry, it can become as slippery as an ice rink sometimes with the introduction of water, mud, oils, or snow.
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