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Lacerating Hard Substances With a Laser

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The process of slicing hard substances can create numerous problems for a person. Whether itís steel or aluminium, you have to give proper efforts to make a clean score according your requirements. Today, different types of lacerating tools are available in the market. Each one carries some specific features or qualities. One such tool is a laser machine. Operated through a concentrated beam of laser, this machine is capable of giving well finished results in quickest possible time.

A laser lacerating tool works on thermal energy. It is powered through gases which lead to a concentrated and strong beam of light. The beam is controlled with a computerized system so that the score is created in a perfect and predefined shape. The gas selected for this process may depend on the application. CO2 lasers have low output power and are well suited for basic metal cutting. However, YAG lasers have high power and are used to create holes in a quick and efficient power.

Proper research on laser equipment revealed that hard substances can bear its impact easily but substances like plastic, wood and glass cannot withstand its high temperature of the laser. Thus, non melting substances can be sliced easily and perfectly through this technique.

Some common advantages of laser slicing technique are:

∑ High level of precision and finishing

The first and most amazing benefit from laser slicing is high precision level. Creating a score with a laser and slicing the substance with it can give you efficient and well finished results. Very few techniques are capable of giving such precision. While working with a laser, you can have smooth, soft and well finished edges very easily. The substance can be sliced very quickly with 0.01 percent error chances.

∑ No need of protective cover

Hard materials donít need protective cover while being lacerated with a laser. It can create a perfect score for cutting without hampering physical properties of a metal. Just make sure that the substance should not have melting properties. It should have the capacity to bear laser for some time.

∑ Efficient cutting

Laser slicing proves useful in lacerating hard materials with varying thicknesses and combinations. Efficient slicing is conducted in just one operation. Thus, without facing common issues of substance slicing, you can cut a hard material very easily and efficiently.

∑ Any design or shape

The last feature of this metal cutting tool is easy customization. The beam is controlled with a computerized system and can be moved in any shape or direction. Thus, without giving manual effort, you can slice your material in any shape or design.

This was all about laser laceration. This technique is one of the best ways to slice hard substances. A laser assures high quality results in quickest possible time. It gives sharp and well finished edge very easily. Thus, if you want to cut a hard metal sheet then do consider laser laceration as the best option for perfect results. To know more about this technique, please check at

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