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Cleaning Tips for Greasy Dirt in Kitchen

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Kitchen is the best friend for housewife and those people enthusiastic to cooking. Greasy dirt is the unavoidable in kitchen. Clean and organized kitchen is the precondition for cooking delicious dishes. You may lose the interest to cook for the greasy dirt in it. Therefore, this article summarizes the effective cleaning tips for greasy dirt in the kitchen. Hope you can have a nice journey in the kitchen.


Tile is the greasy dirt severely afflicted area of kitchen. No matter it is wall or floor, there would be a thick layer of greasy dirt on them after use for a period. It is difficult to remove.

Cover toilet paper or tissue on the tile and spray cleanser on it; wait for a period, the time is decided by the specific condition of greasy degree on the tile. If the condition is terrible, you can leave the toilet paper on the tile for a night. When it is time, you just need to remove the paper and wipe the tile with clean water.

The greasy dirt will be stick on the paper successfully and you do not need to worry about the cleanser will drop here and there. This method is very effective. When the greasy area is large, you will use large amount of paper. This is not acceptable for many housewives. In fact, you can use cotton cloth or unused clothes to replace paper. You can clean them and use again next time.

Remember to tear down the paper or cloth only after the greasy is absorbed totally. This method can also be used to clean kitchen ventilator. For the greasy stain left on the tile for a long time, common cleaning product cannot work with it; you will need steel wire ball to help you. Remove the thick stain with steel wire ball and then clean with detergent containing acid content or dissolving content.

Used toothbrush is good tool for remove greasy dirt. It can save labor and have better cleaning effect. Toothbrush can clean the tile seam.

Pot Cover

Pot cover is another utensil that easy to have greasy dirt on it. When it is used for a long period, there would be a thick layer of greasy dirt on it. The most convenient way to remove greasy dirt is put some water in the pot and cover the pot to boil the water, then turn off the gas stove, wipe the pot cover with rag, you will find the greasy dirt is removed easily. The cover will be as bright as new.


For the stubborn greasy stain on the hearth, you can scrub with scouring pad soaking with beer. Radish or cucumber also can remove the oil stain on the hearth. Scrub the stain with radish or cucumber and detergent, the stain will disappear.

The best way to control greasy dirt in kitchen is daily clean. If you insist on clean the tile every day, the workload and difficulty will be reduced sharply. The stain area and degree will reduce largely and it is easier to clean.

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