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Lavender Pillow Offers You a Sweat Sleep

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Lots of people love the products with lavender fragrance such as lavender air freshener, lavender shower gel. The light lavender fragrance makes you comfortable. Now, the lavender pillow is gradually entering people’s dream bedroom. So what are the effects and functions of lavender pillow?

About lavender

1. Lavender is a kind of evergreen aromatic shrub originated from south Europe. The slim and narrow leaves are gray villous and the flowers are gray blue. The smell is elegant and fragrance.

2. Lavender is a common vanilla since Roman times. As it has lots of effects, it has the reputation of fragrance herb. The fragrance of lavender can refresh you, let you feel comfortable, relieve your anxiety as well as drive out the flies. If you put some dry lavender in the wardrobe and bookshelf, it can expel parasites and is mothproof. The smell will not disappear for years.

3. Identifying the quality of the lavender mainly through the smell. The more rich the smell is, the better quality for the lavender. On the contrary, if the smell is not so rich, the quality is not so well. You may identify it by your nose.

The effects and function of lavender pillow

1. It has the effect of removing the offensive smell, purifying the air, promoting blood circulation, adjusting psychological function as well as getting rid of ants, cockroaches, mites and relieving spiritual pressure.

2. Lavender of the lavender pillow has fine effect on headache, stroke, and paralysis. When sleeping, the heat of the head let the herb gradually scatter out fragrance around the pillow. Through moth and pharynx mucosa and skin absorption of the herb, it can promote flow of Qi and blood. The effect of treat disease by smelling the fragrance let you keep in good health in sleeping.

3. It is well welcomed by people for the fragrance of the lavender pillow. Drink lavender tea can adjust the smegma, which is helpful for sleep and has beautifying and health care effects.

The bad effect of lavender pillow

Semen cassia is good for liver and kidney and has many other effects. Therefore, lots of the pillows match the lavender and semen cassia as the filler of the pillow. Their medicine effects are gradually scattered out. Therefore, it does not have bad effects even used for a long time. Adults do not need to worry. But for babies, you should pay attention. After all, the lavender is a kind of medicine. You should try to avoid using lavender pillow for babies.

There are lots of materials as fillers for pillows. The lavender pillow is one of them. L mentioned so many effects that lavender pillow can bring you. So if you need to adjust some of the function, you may try lavender pillow. More details on

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