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Moving Home: Why Downsizing At Retirement Makes Sense

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ID:	9787Downsizing often seems like something of a loss and most homeowners find it quite difficult. The emotional connection many have with their homes means that they will not want to leave all those happy memories behind and move to somewhere smaller.

However, this is not the way to look at it and downsizing can really help you and open up all sorts of new opportunities and change your life for the better in many ways. Big homes can often cause all sorts of problems, maybe impractical and can be a heavy weight that needs to be lifted.

Selling a home and downsizing can make sense in a number of scenarios Ė take a look.

Financial Issues

The recent financial issues that have hit the world mean that many people have had to choose to downsize rather than hold on and remain steadfast under pressure. One of the reasons many older people have downsized has been because of the problems with retirement funds and the acute damage the economy did to their lump sums.

Selling a home makes for a way out of a lot of pressures and means you can get rid of the upkeep of a home, the larger taxes and the maintenance. You also may get a lump sum if your new house is significantly lower in cost. Otherwise it can be far too much pressure and if and when the market bounces back it could be too late. Downsizing can be an ideal solution in such a case.


Large homes are large responsibilities and many people find their lives are limited by these responsibilities. These can be removed if you sell a home and this can allow you the chance to travel and see the world. Even if someone else maintains your home there are financial, work and other commitments and these limit your lifestyle. Selling can provide you with some money to take time out to travel and then come back to a downsized home. Of course, maintaining a home when away is also an issue and no one many want the responsibility of and thatís why you should sell a house if you can. Redmove estate agents can help with such an option.


Getting closer to family, especially upon retirement is something many of us wishes to do. However, due to the nature or work and the geography of the world it can be hard to make those longer trips. Selling your home and moving within close proximity of family can mean you spend more time with them and enjoy their company rather than have a large empty home.

If you own a very large home itís possible to buy two smaller homes, allowing you to spend time with family that live far apart from each other when and as you wish.

Home selling and downsizing can make life a lot easier and give you financial, spiritual and familial opportunities a large home doesnít. So, why not take the leap?

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  1. Denise's Avatar
    I think the only thing that stops people from downsizing is attachment to the family home
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