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Future Fix It: A Toolbox for the Ultra-Modern Homeowner

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The days of perusing printed catalouges and blindly wandering about home dťcor stores are over. Modern homeowners, apartment seekers, and incoming freshmen use a number of digital and technological tools to conjure ideas, modify spaces, create designs, and redesign present layouts.
Todayís toolbox offers software and online applications along with not-so-traditional hammers and related physical devices.

Google SketchUp

If youíre fond of toying with Google Earth, youíve been training to use Google SketchUp. Upload images from your computerís hard drive or mobile device to create a visual layout for planning and home improvement. However, the tool is what you make of it; it can be laborious to upload pictures of colours, fabrics, and designs. Itís best suited to create a Ďrough draftí of small spaces.

IKEA Planners

IKEAís tool is cool if youíre a devoted brand consumer. The software instantly knows the dimensions of store-bought products. Utilise the tool to focus on the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc. This resource is great if you need a rough layout of a space or plan to do a majority of your purchasing from IKEA. Since similar products and dimensions are found at other major vendors (Target and WalMart), itís easy to make roundabout projections.


Floorplanner, a web-based tool, is accessible from anywhere and filled with templates of structures, home implements, and objects. However, some complain the structures and objects look generic, and the resourceís reliance on Flash causes crashes and lag time. Itís suited to entertain what-if scenarios and help in planning early stages of moving or renovation. Lastly, itís easy to switch between 2D and 3D views, though it could take some time with larger projects.

Design Your Dorm

Created for college kids and loaded with dimensions of particular schools, this helps newcomers arrange dormitory rooms, a good idea considering most have to share half the space. Freshmen drag and drop preloaded items or customise dimensions. The tool, created for college kids, helps any person that needs to create or recreate a small space.

Sweet Home 3D

This has all you need to become a novice engineer and designer. Pre-loaded objects allow users to conjure a 2D space while the software projects an ongoing 3D version. However, the software requires Java and some of the bells and whistles are overwhelming to learn and master. Itís best suited for those with experience in using design tools and software.

Project Dragonfly

The user experience is comparable to traditional video game play, which makes it easy to like and learn. Project Dragonfly offers a bunch of preloaded images and objects and best suited for preliminary stages that donít require exact measurements.


Visualise the paint on the wall before making a purchase and placing a brush to the wall. Organising placement of objects in a room is one requirement of successful design. Additionally, one must consider colours and shapes of overall design. Wall colour is a major contributor of theme and effect. This online tool provides a range of palettes to facilitate post-project visualisation.

Razor-Back Pulverizer

Lastly, before digital inferences lead to physical actions, use precision engineering tools to dislodge nails, scrape paint, and demolish walls. This particular tool makes it equally easy to dislodge nails and demolish concrete. Smashing drywall or making a quick fix is a breeze with this economical and small device.

JobMax Tool Set

Traditionally, the tool kit contained a hammer, socket wrench, drill, etc. Today, address the duties of separate tools with one. The JobMax packs maximum ability into one compact tool with multiple head extensions.

A Freelance Designer

Contact a freelance designer or home and commercial engineer to help with projections, plans, and creating monetary estimates. Depending on the breadth of tasks, a specialist helps make realistic expectations and saves time and money.

Todayís designers and weekend redesign teams are using different tools than those of the past. The digital age presents additional tools, such as design and engineering software, easy enough for novices to master.

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