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Designer Living Room Furniture

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Now in all fairness I suspect that most people over the age of 40 would rather steer away from the idea of kitting their home out with anything designer, let alone, designer living room furniture. After all the general perception is that the living room is for relaxing in so its needs to be comfortable. I don't know about you, but when I hear the word "designer" I automatically think about something plastic and I have to be honest this something plastic in my mind is about as comfortable to sit on as a large zucchini.

Let me be the first to say though, that I am wrong. Having read numerous articles over the last few weeks - I've decided that something designer is more about the designer who designed it rather than the product itself. In fact I would go as far as to suggest that the product is merely an extension of the designer's creative ability.

I therefore suggest that together we embark on a creative journey to seek out and find designers who like to create comfortable designer living room furniture. Without further adieu, I give you the puff pastry of couches. Its not to everyone's taste I agree but its got something - the X factor maybe ? With an exceptional design and use of colours, the Filo Sofa is a modern and elegant piece of furniture, with a playful side. It reminds us of the Filo pastry, but looks rather sophisticated and artistic.

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