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Moving furniture by yourself tips

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Sometimes, for small house removals or when you hurry too much, there may be e need to deal with the house moving journey by yourself. A small removal van hire is the perfect choice, which can fit even some truly large items or boxes that you can`t yet fit into your normal car. Hiring only a small removal van is quite cheaper than moving with the professional services of a big removal agency with crews for every step of the process, and it`s not usually needed when you plan a small relocation for the summer or to see parents, for example. Next is a quick guide with tips on how to deal with the biggest, heaviest and most complex objects moving furniture by yourself.

First, you may want to buy yourself a variety of moving boxes, not only the biggest possible in the shop. Call your removal agency and ask if they have a complimentary service like rental card boxes, wrapping materials or eco-friendly removal boxes. The different volumes of the boxes will ensure an evenly centering of the weight of the box, especially when you fulfill it with the right objects. The big heavy furnishings like wardrobes, kitchen shelves, the countertop, the table and the chairs are quite inappropriate for packing in a box, and that`s why you may need plenty of wrappings to protect the yet delicate wooden edges or details. Packaging tape is another essential tool to have on hand, while if you plan a truly big house removal with all the objects and furnishings they can fit into not so large boxes with a little bit of tips too.

It`s just needed to dismantle the biggest ones. From the bed to the wardrobe and the kitchen table dismantling big and heavy furnishings makes them quite smaller and comfortable for wrapping and piling in removal boxes, although the weight stays the same. The compact shape of the dismantled parts is perfect even for packing two or several big furnishings in one box. For that, you may need a super durable card box large or medium size. Dismantling furniture is a long and overwhelming process, but it definitely worth it when you have to deal with it only by yourself. Especially if there are any steep stairs or small doors in your old home, or the route to the front door and the moving van is longer. Why calling helpers for the heavy lifting of these giant pieces of furniture, instead of spending some hours of dismantling but doing all by yourself!

Protect the edges of the furnishings, especially the wooden ones with sharp edges and complex beautiful details. Use edge protectors or a thick coat of old papers taped to the wooden surface. Stuffing the void spaces is another common method, which saves space and extra boxes while protecting the other objects in the meantime. It comes to stuff the small empty shelves or racks with blankets, curtains, pillows, clothes and all other soft yet light materials, which usually require at least as much boxes as for the furniture objects.

Get yourself gliding blankets, especially if you don`t want to dismantle the furniture items. The gliding blanket helps you to move easily and quickly even the tallest and heaviest wardrobes, without the need of another person. These gliding blankets are durable to scratches and stains, as well as eliminate the chance of damaging the moving van`s floor or to leave any traces from the arrangement.

Finally, hiring a moving van with a hydraulic ramp is a great tip to have in mind, especially when doing everything by yourself.

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