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Novo Design

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A family tradition of woodcarving and upholstery developed over time and combined with the style of design, giving birth to a new reality. NOVO is a brand created through the entrepreneurial spirit of the Bini family. A brand which communicates the pure and natural lifestyle of Tuscany. A lifestyle expressed in a free-spirited attitude, whist maintaining deep roots in the rich soil of Tuscany. A region renowned for its generosity, its diligence and its refined craftworks, often executed in wood taking on natural and spontaneous shapes. Lifestyle born out of the open spaces, bright colors and intense tones where craftsmanship and specialized skills form the plot of the company's story, giving new opportunities for exchange.
NOVO stands for tradition and meticulous workmanship in timber, dynamic shapes conceived with modern living in mind. Designs that launch themselves on to the world stage from whilst maintaining a centered and solid sense of identity: of immense value and not to be that renounced..
The essence of this identity are revealed in first collection of carefully conceived furniture. Pieces crafted to embody the freedom of form and sense of weightlessness in a contemporary design. The versatility of the 'flagship' armchair 'cubetto/cubetto', epitomizes the sense of the entire collection: each piece is unique, adapting to a home's existing décor, or matched with the other elements of the collection: the two-seater sofa, an ottoman and a coffee table.
The flexibility of the product lies in the choice of upholstery and the range of wood finishes available. Giving birth to a style that is young and bright, or one a more classic and international look. A style suitable for commercial use, where the importance of personalizing becomes vital.

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