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Marshpointe: A Sweet Escape from the Concrete Jungle

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One of the most famous quotes about Charleston is Rhett Butler’s remark to Scarlett O’Hara in ‘Gone with the Wind’- “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. I’m going back to Charleston where there is still a little grace and civility left in the world.”

Indeed, Charleston, South Carolina is known for its grace and that popular southern charm. This is one of the oldest cities in North America and is rich in history. The historical Fort Sumter is located here and many important figures were born here, in the heart of the South! John F. Kennedy, Edgar Allen Poe, Samuel Morse and even Blackbeard, the pirate are all legendary figures from Charleston.

Charleston is a city which has never forgotten its roots and has a magical, seductive atmosphere richly interwoven with myth, legends, history and a generous amount of ghost stories. In fact, there’s practically never an ‘off season’ in Charleston.

Tourists from America and all over the world flock to Charleston to witness some of its beauty and fascinating culture and traditions firsthand. That’s part of the reason why, sometimes, it can become a little too chaotic and suffocating.

Want a brief escape into another world? Looking for one which is still close enough to the city so you can dash back during emergencies? Well, we may have exactly what you need. Marshpointe is definitely what you’re looking for!

What is Marsh Pointe all about?

This peaceful haven located in the scenic Mount Pleasant, South Carolina is specifically designed for anyone who wants to get away from the hustling bustling city life- even if it’s only for a weekend. If you are the proud owner of a luxurious townhouse in the popular Marshpointe Etiwan area, then you have your very own piece of nature to enjoy. It’s like living in a pleasant little bubble far away from all the chaos and tension of the everyday hectic world.

What makes Marshpointe special is that it is located so close to downtown Charleston and yet, is far enough to be removed from all the noise and the demands of busy city life. With its misty magical marshes and picturesque green forests, it can definitely be called a ‘modern day paradise’.

What makes the townhouses worth it?

Do you know of any other place that can give you the following? Well, Marshpointe can.

· Stylish hardwood floors
· Spacious walk-in closets
· Beautiful brass/nickel hardware and plumbing
· Clean-cut granite countertops
· Professionally designed interiors
· Spacious kitchen cabinets
· Gigantic fireplaces
· A modern and efficient HVAC system
· Romantic screened porches
· Crown molding
· Attractively printed tiles in the bathrooms
· Decadent soaking tubs
· Efficient and large garages

All these things are available for an affordable price - somewhere around the low 300s? Well, at Marsh Pointe, you can have all this and so much more.

Residents of Marshpointe also have access to the scenic Dorothy B. Kearns Park, the beautiful Wando River, private exercise facilities and a community clubhouse to spend their free time. If you’re looking to de-stress and relax your body, mind and soul, there’s no better place than Marsh Pointe!

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