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Bookcases: They’re Not Just for Books!

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When you do put your books on a shelf, try not to be too uniform. Instinct may tell you to arrange books by size but it’s much more visually interesting if you mix it up a bit – not only by size but by color, texture and age as well. It’s OK to put your faded classic novels next to your book of contemporary art with the bright, shiny dust jacket.

Here are just a few ideas for making your bookcase into a statement:

You can also use small stacks of books as bookends for other books or as display stands for small artistic pieces.

If you use your shelves to display collectibles, don’t put out your entire collection. Think of your bookcase as your own personal art gallery. Galleries don’t put out their entire inventory on display at once. They rotate pieces out periodically. You want items to have space around them so they can be appreciated. Otherwise they may look cluttered and can overwhelm.

Rather than putting another hole in the wall to display pictures, place it on a shelf. Make it interesting and group different sizes, shapes and colors of frames.

Another way to have your own gallery feel is to consider a bookcase that has glass doors and shelves and LED lights inside.

Don’t skimp on your bookcase. It should be as much a show piece as the items it displays. Our solid wood bookcases are on sale until Thursday during our Home Office and Living Room Sale.

Find the bookcase that’s perfect for you. You can go traditional with a Shaker or Cherry Moon style or something more contemporary like the ladder or New York styles. Most of our bookcases can be customized to your exact dimensions or you can add doors, lighting or extra shelves.

Written by Michelle Rooks

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