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Build a Cabinet for Your Home Theatre

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ID:	10140A home theatre system deserves a designated spot in your room if you wish to gain the best of it.

This does not start and end with a perfect positioning of speakers, the way your receiver and source are positioned plays an important role in the overall quality of system performance.

If, despite the vast offer in the market, you are having trouble finding factory made cabinet that meets both your aesthetic and functional preferences, it would be best if you built one yourself.

Here is how to do it.

Choice of material

There are several possible choices.However, wood would be the preferred one since it is by far the easiest to work with and most customizable of all other available,especially when it comes to blending with other items in the room and not making any drastic changes to an existing design. On top of that,if you ever decide to change the overall design, wooden surfaces are highly customizable and you will easily make it blend into your new design either by changing its color or relief.


The number of tools required basically depends on whether you decide to cut the cabinet sides and work on them yourself or simply order them pre-cut and prepared for assembling. The latter is certainly easier and unless you already own tools required to cut boards and prepare them for assembling ordering pre-cut ones is both time and budget saviors. When other tools are concerned, you will only need a set of screws and a correspondings crewdriver, sandpaper, four shelf brackets, a meter, a brush and lacquer paint.

Cabinet type

Unless you have some special shape preferences, the safest and most convenient way to go is to build a rectangular cabinet with shelves. You will basically need only three shelves. The upper two should house a DVD or a network media player and an AV receiver. Make sure that AV receiver shelf provides sufficient space to avoid heat buildup. The third shelf, the bottom one, should be reserved for your DVD or Blue ray collection.

Cabinet position

A recent talk with professionals at AV Clarity emphasized the importance of cabinet positioning. This home theatre Brisbane-based company suggests that you position the cabinet in such way that using home theater equipment is enabled without any obstacles and that you have a direct remote control ray access for the viewing convenience.

Preparatory work

This step can be divided in three parts. The first would be precise measuring the space where you plan to position the cabinet and determining the dimensions of the cabinet accordingly. The second one is ordering them or cutting them yourself if you have the required tools. The third one would be sandpapering and lacquering the cabinet sides and letting them dry well in order to be able to assemble them without damaging the surface. Make sure you choose the right sandpaper since the quality of paint job strongly depends on it.


Once you did all the preparatory work,all you need to do is assemble the cabinet. Screw in the sides,tighten the shelf brackets and insert the shelves. Connect all the devices and make sure you do it properly. Clean up if necessary and you are done.

Having covered all the steps properly, you will surely enjoy the results and have along term home theatre cabinet solution. Call your friends over!

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