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Introducing Vermontís Modern Sleigh Bed

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Everyone loves the old fashioned sleigh bed. You know the styleÖ itís got a big curved headboard and footboard reminiscent of Santaís sleigh as it soared over the empires of northern Europe in days of olde.

Todayís modern sleigh bed is elegant, sleek and unpretentious. Check out our newest design, the Holland! This one is handmade in Vermont (like all of our furniture) of all solid, natural cherry wood. Itís also available in a handful of cherry stain colors as well as solid maple, walnut and oak wood.

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All Solid Hardwood Ė No Veneers

Customers asked for a sleigh bed made with all solid hardwood and no veneers. Solid hardwood is our traditional design but with sleigh beds and their curvesÖ well it took a little re-thinking. So our friends at Lyndon Furniture went back to the drawing board and came up with a design that enjoys the beloved curves of the traditional sleigh, without the need for veneers! Have a look at all the photos Nina took from different angles and let us know what you think. Weíre always up for design tweaks, based on customer suggestions.

The Holland Dressers, Chests and Night Stands

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The Holland Collection includes matching dressers, chests, night stands and mirrors, all handmade in Vermont of solid hardwood. Many customers opt for the design above which incorporates the sleigh bed curve into the drawer fronts, avoiding the need for pulls. Others have opted for modern metal pulls, or custom pulls theyíve seen online.

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Let us know what you think of our new modern sleigh bed collection on Facebook or better yet, give us a call to order yours today!

By Peggy Farabaugh

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