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Heating and Cooling Your Home for Less

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We all should be mindful of the how much we spend on heating and cooling our homes. This calls for one to ensure that they are using the most effective, economical and efficient energy systems. If you choose such a system you will end up spending less on running the energy system and the utility energy bill will also be lowered. By choosing on an efficient energy system you will also be taking care of the environment since there will be less pollution to the same. You can achieve the above by developing a habit of always asking about the EnergyGuide label. This will enable you to access and compare the efficiency of a given energy system to its counterparts. Such products would normally have the EnergyStar logo.

There are three ways in which you could ensure that you are spending less on heating and cooling your home. These are thinking of the efficiency of an energy system, looking on ways of how you can save on energy and searching for sources of information to learn more.

Assessing the efficiency of the energy system.

It is worth mentioning that more than half of the energy used in most of the homes goes towards heating and cooling systems. New energy systems have a variety of features that one could consider; you could consider the latest options, the monetary implications of acquiring them, the amount of energy that they use and the cost to be incurred in operating them. By settling on the most efficient option you will be able to comfortably cut down on the cost of heating and cooling your home.

There are various means that you could use to tell whether the energy system is efficient or not:

1. The EnergyGuide label. This requires that anybody selling the heating and cooling system should tell their clients how much energy the equipment will consume. This has to be compared to other models. Manufacturers normally provide this information, as it is on their websites, a brochure, directory or even a fact sheet. It is mandatory for you to be shown this, as the Appliance Labeling Rule requires this.

2. The EnergyStar Logo. This logo is meant to ensure that the heating and cooling equipment is at par with certain energy efficiency criteria. These criteria are normally set by the Environmental Protection Agency and DOE

Other ways of Saving on Energy

There are various ways in which a consumer can use to make sure that they are making the most of the energy available to them.

1. One of these is by doing a home energy assessment.
This will help in enlightening one on how efficient their heating and cooling systems are to make sure that they reduce on wastage. Wastage could be occasioned by air leaks or in case of un-insulated ducts or attics. A utility company can offer to do an energy assessment for free or at a small cost or they could recommend you to a local organization or company that could do this for you on their behalf. It is good for you to cross check with your state or local government to see what is recommended

If you are considering a professional assessment with the use of specialized equipment this could cost you an arm and a leg. Before settling on one make sure that you check your local consumer protection agency just to be sure.

The other alternative is ‘the do it yourself’ assessment. But this will require further guidance from appropriate sources.

2. You need to seal air leaks and insulate. Air leaks around windows and door and areas that have pipes or wire being conveyed need to be checked. It is also recommended that you check ducts for any holes or gaps. These areas can be sealed using mastic sealant or using a metal tape. You can also consider professional help in this to make sure that it is done in the right way. If components of your heating and cooling are pretty old you should consider replacing them.

3. One can also consider special energy efficiency offers.

4. You can also lower your thermostat during winter. One could also consider using a programmable thermostat, which can do this automatically.

5. Check your filters for any forced air furnaces, air conditioners or heat pumps and assess whether they need to be cleaned or replaced.

You can also consider other options of learning more about energy saving practices for your home. You could get such information from your state and local energy offices or by using your local utility company. You could spend less on heating and cooling your home by following the above recommendations.

Written by APM Construction Services, a construction and home maintenance company that is the best choice for heating and cooling in Columbia, MO.

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