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Pro tips for Moving Furniture

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Of all the difficult tasks surrounding a removal, taking care of your bulky furniture is likely the most bothersome.

Whether you have acquired help for the task or you would rather approach it on your own, you have to be prepared for some tough work.

Moving furniture is not only a tiresome job, but it is also somewhat risky without the knowledge and experience. You may not damage your furniture, but may also injure yourself, which is far from ideal and not the thing you want when under a lot of stress from the move. Read on for some expert tips on furniture removal and implement them to handle this task like a pro:

Start with the furniture nearest to the door - the best way to ensure you can safely handle furniture is to free enough space so that you can maneuver with ease. Starting with the furniture that is near the exit will ensure that there is nothing in the way when you get to moving stuff out of your rooms. You wonít have to worry about clutter, since you will be gradually freeing up the space on your way out. Regardless if you are working alone, or you have a man and van team helping you, it is one handy strategy to follow.

Empty bulky furniture from its contents - dressers, racks, lockers and other such pieces of furniture should be thoroughly emptied before moving. Attempting to lift and carry those to a removal vehicle is a no-go, even if you have London man with van experts on the case. The heavier the load, the more time it would take for carrying it to the vehicle, not to mention itís a feat of herculean proportions.

Disassemble large pieces - if there is a furniture item that can be easily disassembled, donít hesitate to do it. In fact, this is often times required in order to guarantee the safety transportation of your furniture by the London man and van service. Just remember to keep all small pieces and parts together, as you will need to reassemble them once they reach your new home. Itís smart to place them in a bag and stick it to the furniture so that they donít get lost in the moving chaos.

Navigate through doors with care - sometimes damage to furniture occurs as a result of bumping and scratching on the doorframe. Be extra careful when getting past doors with furniture pieces, for you may end up damaging the frame or the furniture itself. Large chairs can be easily squeezed through doors by tilting them to one side to form the letter L and then curling them around the opening. You will notice that is an effective technique used by professional man and van London movers.

Slide some pieces, instead of lifting them - if there is a heavy piece of furniture that is giving you trouble, you can slide it across your home instead of lifting it. After all, even man with van London experts are no superheroes and sometimes you need a special tactic to ensure your furniture is loaded and ready to depart. Just make sure you take safety measures to not scratch the floor.

All of these tips aim to make what many consider the most difficult aspect of every removal more bearable. Follow them and you will have an easier time moving your furniture.

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