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Jack Johnson

Why To Get Luxury Wood Flooring?

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Whether you are creating a new-build luxury home or improving your property with a luxury renovation, choosing the right flooring is an integral element in your overall success. The floor is an important part of the property. Luxury wood flooring is often the best choice if you want to ensure that your property looks and feels luxurious. If you have made all the arrangements necessary, make sure you use the finest quality materials for your construction or reconstruction. It should be part of your plan.

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Several elements make a wood flooring more luxurious than another:

Grade of wood

The grade of wood is often the fundamental choice whether you want a solid wood or engineered wood. In the case of engineered wood, the grading will affect the top layer. However, if you choose solid wood, the entire board will be made up of a single grade.

Grading of wood occurs when it is lumbered. It is graded into four categories based on its characteristics and looks. These are natural, prime, rustic and select. Prime wood is very uniform in its grain and has minimal sap or knots. On the other hand, rustic wood has a significant number of knots that can be very large. Even though rustic wood does not have anything wrong, it can be quite attractive is certain settings. If you want luxury wood flooring, then the best choice is the prime grade. There are many luxury wood flooring suppliers in London, and you will find something that would be suitable to your needs.


The thickness is a variable when choosing luxury wood flooring. Heavy, thick board are the best choice and are quite durable. They can be quite luxurious and of high quality. However, if your intent to use underfloor heating, then you can choose a thick board. However, if you prefer engineering wood flooring, then you can choose something with a thicker top layer or lamella. Moreover, the thicker it is, the more luxurious it will look.


Most flooring has either slanted or micro-beveled edges. Even though this is attractive, you could have a squared edged boards. These are quite expensive to produce and can be fiddle to fit. These edges are easily damaged and fragile. However, a squared edged board can provide a luxury look when professionally installed.

Hardwood is often the best choosing for your luxury flooring needs. There are many luxury wood flooring suppliers in London. You can find a wide selection of hardwood in various qualities, style and colors. Furthermore, hardwood is timelessly beautiful, and you can be guaranteed that your luxurious property will retain its look for a long time. The color also matters. The best color is dark, almost dark or very light or almost light flooring.

When choosing a luxury floor, there are a variety of factors that have to be considered. Furthermore, the floor should be fitted by a professional. This would guarantee that it is installed well. A luxurious floor will be a sound investment for you.

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