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What Do Millennials Look for in Real Estate?

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Millennials have developed an exaggerated reputation among baby boomers as spoiled entitled brats. However, a closer look into the lives of these young people have debunked that myth and have given perspective into how their misunderstood preference may actually provide them efficiency in terms of how they process things, both mentally and physically.
One of these preferences has to do with what they look for in real estate. You may think that this young generation of entrepreneurs and professionals would have impossible standards. But the truth is, they’re actually quite reasonable and quite similar to what most people look for in real estate. It has a bit of variation, of course.


Location is very important for millennials. They’re not like their moms and dads who would gladly take a house in the middle of a forest just because it feels nice to be away from the city. No. Millennials would rather take a studio apartment if it meant they could get to work on time or if they’d be able to get their latte on the way to a job interview. Accessibility is more important to the younger generation now because they have more things to do and more places they need to be at different hours of the day. So, being able to walk home to freshen up during their lunch break is something they can appreciate.


While location is important, this younger generation we call millennials are now also particular with how their homes look. They are now more in touch with their artistic side. Being driven by a world of constant change and creativity, they are in constant pursuit of what is new and what is interesting. Finding success in making profit out of visual stimulus, millennials now consider inspiration as a necessary element for either achieving their dreams or escaping their truths when they need a breather.


Unlike our preconceived notions of millennials, they actually try to incorporate as much things as they can into their personal space that would allow them ease to accomplish their tasks on time. With a growing number of young people turning to freelancing because of the economy, most millennial homes now have home office. This allows them to work at their own pace and convenience.

So, the next time you judge these young new working professionals as entitled and indifferent, maybe try giving it a second thought. These millennials might actually be onto something.

Written by the experts at Columbia Real Estate, the most knowledgeable agents for real estate in Columbia, MO.

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