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New Construction Methods

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With all the changes in technology in today’s world, almost everything is innovation oriented. The modern man wants to make everything work at a push of a button. Gadgets with better functionalities are being invented every day, and likewise, the construction industry which has been into practice for centuries is not left behind.

New methodologies and techniques have been introduced in the industry, and listed below are a few of them.

Fire engineered buildings

Most modern buildings have the fire safety approach deployed during and after construction. Generally, the buildings include spacious open areas where people can assemble in case of fire. Such open areas are labeled fire assembly points. Fire sprinkler protection is another technique deployed to control small fires from spreading into big flames, hence containing them.

Examples of buildings which have adopted this technique include shopping centers, large office developments, and public buildings. However, for this approach to be effective, the fire protection systems and building management procedures have to be frequently tested and maintained.

Commercial Roofing.

Another facet of the commercial construction industry to be greatly enhanced by new innovation techniques is commercial roofing. After all, no building is complete without a roof, right? There are specific companies out there who strictly focus on constructing roofs.

The best ones have completed 5000+ roofs over their years in business and have received literally over one hundred positive customer reviews. Not only will these companies build your roof in the first place, they provide repair services for catastrophic natural disasters such as severe storms. They typically also offer free inspection services in order to determine if any damage has been done following a storm; or, at the completion of the roof when a building is finished.

Tilt-up Construction

Tilt-up concrete construction involves pouring a building's exterior concrete walls into slabs of concrete on-site. When the slabs of concrete are set, a crane lifts the slab into position, forming the building's skeleton. Construction types using the tilt-up process are more economical to construct and can be erected in a more timely manner than the traditional concrete block construction types of buildings.

Renewable Energy

Most construction contractors are coming up with buildings that can be sustained by the environment. Such buildings, for instance, have a solar installation which generates power in case of a power blackout. The architects come up with designs that are cost saving in terms of heating and cooling.

They have also embraced the use of building materials which can be sustained, this is most important since it reduces the negative impacts the material may have on the environment. This has given the commercial construction industry a new picture since the technique is environmentally friendly.

Augmented Reality Modeling.

Designers and architects have come up with new ways in which we can see and visualize the building projects. This has allowed and enabled the owners to make wise decisions on what they probably want to be implemented during the construction. This has been enabled by 3D digital model developments and rendering techniques.

The technology allows the building designers and owners to view the model of the building in a different perspective and hence are able to make greater changes and more informed decisions.

Smart Buildings.

With the advancement in mobile and other wireless technology, it is easy for a commercial construction company to offer a wide variety of automated functionalities and even building control options.

Such buildings with most operations automated by technology are known as smart buildings. They offer super adaptable and flexible execution of particular tasks via use the integrated mobile and digital technology. This has in turn improved security, climate and communication within the building.

Written by Kent Murdock, owner of Randy Adams Construction in Columbia, MO. Randy Adams Construction is one of the premiere companies for construction in Columbia, MO.

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