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Checklist: Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

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In any kind of business, appearances matter. That is the reason why every part of your company, from your products, services, customer relations and even façades and landscapes, must be meticulously developed and maintained. Many companies often neglect the fact that customers only trust a business if it has a solid reputation and an inviting image to match.

Stained windows, dirty walls and unkempt lawns often do not scream “professional” or “reputable”. For that reason, it is necessary to employ basic services from professional landscaping companies in order to attend to all of the aspects of developing your company image.

In order to begin, here are a few essential landscape objectives that you must do.

1. Assess the landscape and plan accordingly.
Not every landscape is in the same condition as others. If you execute aesthetic landscape ventures without considering if it fits your property first, then you could end up making damages to your landscape worse than before. Look at the whole landscape and determine the kind of land that your property sits on.

Afterwards, clean the whole area and get rid of fallen leaves and other debris. Planning the design of the landscape and purchasing the materials you need in order to maintain it comes after. Make sure that the kind of landscape design that you want for your property is something that you are financially and technically ready to maintain.

2. Prepare the soil and prevent weeds.
In order to make your soil more fertile and healthy, apply a layer of mulch on the surface of your soil. Apart from ensuring that your soil becomes nourished, it also makes your whole landscape look cleaner and tidier. Mulch basically makes it easier for the soil to retain moisture, and prevents the constant change of the temperature of the soil. It also contains the weed growth in your property. Of course, mulch isn’t the only way to prevent weeds. You can also apply appropriate herbicides in order to stop weeds from appearing.

3. Purchase maintenance essentials
A good investment in landscape maintenance is an irrigation system. It not only ensures that your property is watered properly, but also makes sure that maintaining your landscape is made easier and made more convenient.

At the end of the day, the people’s perception of your company is the best way to attract business. Covering all bases, including the layout and landscape of your business, is a good way to show that you do your best in everything that concerns your business and services.

Written by Clark Jones, owner of Tree Frog Complete Grounds Maintenance. Tree Frog is the best company for landscaping in Columbia, MO.

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