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Latest Technology in Pest Control

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With their ability to spread disease and infection, pests are living things that you will never dream of having in your property. Controlling these pests can be challenging but with the help of experts and the latest technology on pest control, your property could be pest-free. The technology on pest control is being continuously developed through researches on new technologies and products. This way, we will be able to improve the methods of preventing pests from invading our facilities.

Innovations are done to reach larger number of pests while at the same time decreasing the negative impact of the process to people and the environment. You will be surprised how much the advancement on the latest technology in pest control has reached.

Latest innovations on pest control

Pheromone-assisted technique

Although the use of pheromone is not something new in the pest control industry, adding it to an insecticide is. Especially fabricated to eradicate Argentine ants, this technology in pest control is expected to target more pests in the future. Not only is it going to be useful for food production facilities, this technology also decreases the negative impact on non-target animals, people, and the environment.

Rodent Birth Control

A method that was first used on birds, rodent birth control aims to reduce the number of rodent offspring. This approach of decreasing the birth rate on rats also shows a safer and more humane technology on pest management.

Fly Baits

This is the latest technology on pest control which is made of a sticker panel with insecticide. Discreetly controls different fly species, this insecticide sticker panel is ideally placed on various locations where flies congregate – windows, trash bins and spots near drains and food storage areas. The sticker is coated with insect food to lure the flies into the trap but does not release any odor when activated. It can kill flies around a minute after contact and can stay effective for up to seven months.

Canine Teams

It is consisted of a bed bug dog and a handler. A bed bug dog is specifically trained to detect bed bugs and eggs within a short time and in a high accuracy. However, bug dog inspection is more effective than that of the human and is 100% environment friendly.

Fly Lights

These are not new in the pest control management but its latest designs are. You can get rid of the pests in your facilities without ruining its decoration with the variety of decorative designs available for you to choose from. Aside from the decorative design, a different kind of bulb is used to make it more effective.

With the different innovations and latest technology on pest control, you will now be able to choose a method that you deem most effective. What’s more is that with these advance researches, we will now be able to get rid of the pests while taking good care of the environment.

Written by BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care. BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care offers the best service for pest control in Columbia, MO.

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