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5 Types of Pool Furniture for a Backyard Oasis

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A pool is the heart and soul of a backyard haven, an ultimate gathering place for friends and family during the hottest part of the year. But why not walk an extra mile? Adding outdoor furniture around the pool can maximize the comfort and functionality of the space and turn it into a nice lounging area. The choice of appropriate pieces plays a crucial l role, so here are some of the most popular types that are a safe bet for any pool area, regardless of its size, layout, and features.


No pleasure matches the bliss of dozing off in a hammock on a hot summer day. It is a rather inexpensive addition that is certain to pay off. And in case you do not have trees to hang the hammock on, do not fret. You can still use a wood or metal hammock stand and move it wherever you like. Itís advisable to pick a hammock with comfortable rope or opt for sturdier models that are able to withstand the mood swings of the Mother Nature.

Chaise lounges

Outdoor chaise lounges are becoming more and more popular. They are an ideal option for those who want to unwind and soak up the sun. Adjustable backs enable you to stay comfortable and set your lounge in a perfect position. Wicker and rattan are common materials used for these centrepieces, while colorful chair cushions allow you to show off some style. Brands such as Robert Plumb also offer pool lounges and daybedsmade from quality wood, which create a soothing, natural ambience.

A bistro set

This type of furniture comes as a true blessing when you want to take a break from swimming or enjoy mouth-watering food and refreshing drinks. Itís an outdoor dining set, which typically accommodates two or four people. What is more, bistro sets come in various materials like wood and iron. That is not all because it is possible to find bar-height pieces that keep the food out of harmís way as well as those that come with folding chairs and tables for easy storage.

Beachside chairs

One does not need to have pristine white sand beneath the feet to sit back and relax in an Adirondack chair. It can serve as a great furniture piece in your backyard as well. These chairs are made from wood or plastic and have a wide seat and a high back. You have a chance to bring the tropical island flavour to your oasis with lively tones or match the style of the pool area with white and natural finishes.

Sofas and sectionals

People who like to throw wild parties or welcome guests often should consider outdoor sofas and sectionals. They provide a plenty of poolside seating for the whole crowd. Furthermore, these pieces feature weather-resistant upholstery and throw pillows that bring extra comfort. Some of them are bundled with a matching storage ottoman, where one can easily put accessories, pool toys, pillows, and other items. Adding a footstool enhances the comfort even further.

A breath of fresh air

No oasis is complete without a body of water and a place you can appreciate it from. Bringing the indoor furniture outside does not cut it. After taking a dip, you want to chill out in comfortable outdoor furniture that is able to endure a heavy beating from the weather. It can serve both as a colourful accent and a functional mainstay of your yard. So, go ahead, reinvent the look of your pool area and give it a new purpose. You will be able to feel the summer breeze snuggling you up and recharge your batteries.

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